Thursday, March 19, 2015

If You Don't Ask, You Won't Know!

         Ahhhhhh! It's so nice to be back here, tink, tink, tinking my fingers on the computer keyboard! ^_^ I'm taking a break before wrapping my latest pair of crochet slippers for shipment. :-) I'm not making any money on them right now, but there's something to be said for 'good relations', right?! ^_^
      The purple slippers in the header photo reached their owner today, and she loves them! Whew!! ^_^ I knew she'd be honest with me about the fit, the color, the intended price, etc. She felt that my $14.50-$17.00 pricing was good! She says they're well worth it! :-) Maybe it's kinda improper to be sticking my chest out about them, but I'm such a 'pick, pick, picker' about making sure good product goes out of my shop! It made me happy to make her happy!...Now, I hope the owners of the other four pair like theirs as much!! O_O *gulp!*

     The now 'purple crochet slipper mama' asked if I made robes, because she'd love to have a robe to go with her new slippers! ^_^ I love people who are bold enough to ask for what they want! The world is so full of people who don't ask because they're afraid of what the answer might be. I say: "Go for it! Ask!! You never know!!"
      Of course, the answer in the case of me making crochet robes is: "NO!!!!!!" LOL But I still admire the gumption it took to ask for what she wanted!! ^_^

      Case in point, another friend of mine gave me some little bird charms and asked if I would make them into a crochet necklace and earring set for his daughter! O_O My first thought was: "No! Not again!! Those seed beads almost drove me crazy last time!!!"...

      But the little bird was so cute, with it's blue wings! :-) And I had no idea when I would ever use this shade of blue seed beads again!...And I had a few clear crystals left...and some other complimentary beads too!!....Soooooo...

      I went ahead and made them! ^_^

      So the statement stands true....if you don't ask, you won't know! And sometimes...the answer is "YES!!" ^_^

      In my case, my answer is usually more "Yes!" than "No!", so if you want something.......ASK!!! ^_^ And if the question has to do with whether I can make you a different size or color of slippers, NOW is a good time to ask!! ^_^ I'm a crochet slipper making fool these days!! LOL I sent the winners of the drawing their slippers, but I was so happy about the feedback I got in my drawing that I decided to make a pair for every single person who entered the drawing! :-)
      So, some time over the rest of the year, for those of you who entered my drawing and left your size and favorite color slipper choice, {which was very informative info for me!!} mailmen (or mail persons!) will be ringing your doorbells with your mail, and a package will be along with it...a brand new pair of homemade house slippers!! ^_^ Five pair are already sent...9 pair to go!! ♥
      Okay...I'm off to wrap a package and take a nap so I can be alert for my meeting tonight! (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses) :-) Talk to you soon!!

About My Teachers

Let me tell you about my teachers!
Those who let my spirit fly.
Those who taught me self-control.
Those who always made me try.

My music teacher, small in size,
whose unsung words would sometimes sting;
He taught humility and patience,
while also teaching me to sing.

My English teacher, gregarious,
whose toothy smile was just as loud;
She taught me confidence and joy,
and to be fearless in a crowd.

My drama teacher, A or E,
from her I earned my hardest grade.
It was for letting out a scream.
From which I learned: 'Be Not Afraid'.

For basketball, and also Gym,
My coach would train us like a nut!
And though we lost, most every time,
I learned to try, no matter what.

I learned to cater and to waitress
from a crew who taught me well.
In fact, so many new experiences
that I now can hardly tell.

My Bible teacher too,
taught me how 'I must forgive';
And by teaching me God's laws,
also taught me how to live.

To my teachers, one and all,
bold, soft-spoken, shy or tough,
Thanks for teaching me the knowledge
that being 'me' is good enough! 


  1. I love your slippers! They're so cute with the button. And you did an amazing job on the earring and necklace with the little birds!

    1. Awwwwww! Thank you so much, Pammy Sue!!! ♥ I got the pattern from an etsy shop. Of course, you know me, I had to alter a little for me! ^_^ It's a really cool pattern though!!

  2. Your work is first rate! The jewelry is beautiful and the birds are very cool! I always try and be brave when I want to the time I asked if we could get an upgrade at a hotel for free..and they said yes! Or the time I asked for a cheaper rate when we rented a car...and she said "sure"! Or when I want extra sour cream for my baked potato....unfortunately that is always yes also! Ha! Have a great week Deb!

    1. Thank you so much for the really nice words about my work, Yaya!!...and Ha! Ha! Ha! ^_^ You cracked me up about the sour cream on the baked potato! Sometimes the answer is YES!...and we're sorry. But not when it's sour cream!!! LOL


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