Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hubby Picked Up A Strange 'Hitch-Hiker' Today!

     I'm gonna spare you from having to look at another Etsy treasury from me today!... :-)) ...but just for today!...because tomorrow I have 'four' treasuries to share with you!! ^_^ I would be sharing them now, but I got into what I was doing, sleeping, crocheting, talking, etc...and now I don't have time!! LOL
     Instead I'm gonna take a quick minute to show you my hubby's little 'ride-along' as he was going from place to place today! :-) Just look closely...He's GREEN!!! O_O ...

      He's also HUGE!!! O_O Hubby says while he was driving down the street, he looked up and..."Bam!"...he saw this green attenaed 'critter' just sauntering across the windshield!! O_O All I have to say is 'better him than me!' :-)) I think I would've had an 'attention-to-the-road' problem!! LOL
       Doesn't he look like a leaf?! ^_^ ...

     A really BIG leaf...for a 'critter' I mean!!! LOL

      I think I like him better when he's just hiding under the luggage rack!! LOL...

      While hubby was riding green hitch-hikers around, I was crocheting another hat!! ^_^ ...

      I'm not exactly sure what it's gonna look like when it's finished. Although I 'do' know it will be a 'one-of-a-kind'! ^_^ No one else would 'dare' put these colors together!! LOL...

      Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished product tomorrow...along with some more treasuries of course! ^_^

      Okay...I have a meeting!...'Ciao!...Adios!...Bye-Bye'!! ^_^

Animals Everywhere

There are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Do you see them when you travel?
Do you have some in your lives?

The chickens in the yard
step and jut their necks in stride;
Cackling birdie conversation
as you throw seed side to side.

Horses gallop down the hill,
through the field outside the gate;
Along the beach edge of the water
their strong legs will dominate.

All their waking hours
kittens tumble, jump and leap;
Then they curl up anywhere,
purr and breathe a peaceful sleep.

Baby chicks will follow
right behind their Mama's wings.
But they sometimes get distracted,
and their Mama's "Cluck!" then rings.

Doggies know their station.
They're secure in who they are.
They unguardedly will love you.
Just as quick, they'll chase a car.

There's many things that we can learn
by just watching what they do.
But let's not imitate their aggression,
and their need to balk and chew.

Let's recognize where we're alike.
Both of our constant needs for love,
And there is food, shelter, attention,
and much more we could speak of.

Yes, there are animals everywhere,
out-numbering husbands, kids and wives.
Giving lessons by example,
and so much meaning to our lives.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Baby Wuglyee'.....In Rainbows!
(Crochet Blanket, Multicolor Rainbow Sweater Baby Wrap by Wuglyees)

      The last time you...the regular readers of this blog...might've seen my dear 'Baby Wuglyee' bear, was back when he and I were having a little chat about some earrings I had him wearing! :-)) Uhhh...he wasn't very happy with me! ^_^ So, in a much better mood, and making another small appearance here on the blog, I am very happy to present my one and only 'Baby Wuglyee', showing off something less eyebrow-raising, and a lot more colorful and warm!! :-)

      Yes, it's my rainbow sweater baby blanket! :-) ... This is how it was looking the last time I showed it to you...That is, how it was looking after I re-found it and did a couple more rows on it!...

      It was kind of an embarrassment to me that I hadn't finished it!...And even more than that, that I had put it away...UNFINISHED!...and couldn't remember where I had locked it away at!! ^_^
      But...I re-found it!...and I was determined this time to finish it!!!...After a couple more color sections...and IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!...I remembered why it was that I had put it away!! LOL Each row was extremely time-consuming, and WOW!...this blanket eats up yarn!!!! O_O By the time I was done with it.....YES! I did, in fact, Finish It! ^_^...I realized that I had sunk about $55.00 worth of yarn into it, and 2 years worth of time!!!! and on, that is. Mostly OFF!! LOL But now that it's done...and it's listed in my Wuglyees Etsy shop for sale...I can report: "I LOVE It!!!" ^_^ ...

      It's all I initially envisioned that it would be, and more!! :-) ...

      'Baby Wuglyee' even loves it!! :-) ...

      I hope that someone else will buy it and love it too, even though it's kinda costly right now, because of the time and materials. But, frankly, if I added a million dollars to the price it wouldn't be enough for this one! This was what I call crochet 'WORK'!! :-] LOVE...and crochet work. Yes!...But still...WORK!!! ^_^

      And before you think you can get off the hook with just some rainbows! ^_^ I'm gonna leave you with a couple more treasuries and the items that were chosen for them! :-) ...


      Okay...time to go and find some more rainbows before the cool of September gets here!! Or at least another hat to crochet!! ^_^Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥


The changing of the seasons,
squirrels that scurry everywhere,
a cup of steeping apple cider,
and the crisp and cooler air.

Cozy scarves and football games,
and harder to get out of bed,
worrying whether frost will come,
and what is flying overhead.

September brings a lot of thoughts,
and some reflection will be sad.
But as the years and seasons change,
good thoughts replace the bad we've had.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Rainbows And Treasuries!

     Hello, Hard Workers! :-] I say that because it's Monday, and I know you must be either hard at work now, or winding down from a hard Monday at work. And that's true whether you work inside or outside the home!!...Me?!....Yep! I've been hard at work today too, with minor stops for a cup of soup, a cup of hot chocolate, and an episode of 'Matlock'! ^_^
     What I've been hard at work on is my temporarily lost, but re-found again, rainbow baby blanket! :-] I started back on it after I finished my latest hat. I'll show it to you in a minute, but know what's coming! ^_^ ...more Etsy treasuries!!...

     The above treasury included another one of my suit boutonnieres...

     ...and a few other cute items too. Like this wedding ring holder jute heart (below)...

    ...and this beautiful photograph! :-) ...

     I'm originally from Georgia, and had family that lived in Savannah, so this door (above) brought back some fond memories. :-] And made me wonder if the road in front of it was cobbled too! ^_^

     There were so many cute items in this treasury (below) ...

     ...that I decide to just share my crochet hat...

     ...and this cute necklace...

     ...and let you go over and check out the rest of the treasury on your own! :-) *Okay...truth. My fingers are sore!! LOL I'm trying to hurry this tap...tap...tapping along!! ^_^ *

     Before I leave though, let me show you some rainbow baby blankets!!! :-) ...

     The three baby blankets above are not mine though! :-] They're just here for inspiration. Inspiration, so that I keep going on 'my' rainbow baby blanket!! O_O I need the inspiration fingers are sore!...and this blanket seems to be taking for......ever!!!!! O_O
     Now I remember why I put it down the last time!! ^_^ The good thing this time though, is that it's almost done. Only about eight more rows...or go!! Another row of purple, and then six rows of white!...

      I'm calling it a rainbow sweater baby blanket because that's what it feels like...a warm sweater. :-]

     It's thick with color and yarn!...You can see in the photos how many colors are in it!!...but you can't see how much yarn I've already used on it. About $35.00 worth!! O_O Not to mention the hours of time!...How in the world will I ever price it to move?!!!...

     Considering how heavy this 'baby' is too, and that I don't charge for shipping to the United States, I foresee a nightmare of me trying to figure out how much to charge for it....*sigh*...Whatever!!!...First I have to finish crocheting it!! ^_^ So I'm off to try to do that right now! :-)
     Enjoy the rest of you Monday, Workers! :-) ... And as some inspiration for you...remember....the weekend is just around the corner!...and a block or two! Ha! Ha!


I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna flutter...move real slow.
Wanna wander...mind and body.
Not be fast, and 'on the go'.

I'm feeling like I need
a quiet day to hang around.
Have everything wrapped up,
and just block out surrounding sound.

I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna lay in bed till noon.
Wanna have some time to morph.
Need a tree and a cocoon.

Tomorrow they'll be time
to change and modify.
To spread my wings, add color,
like a brand new butterfly.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hi!...Here Comes More Treasuries! Like It Or Not!!

      *yawn*...I've been sleeping almost all day today. Or, as I call it, 'napping'! ^_^ Frankly, I was happy to get a long nap. I haven't been sleeping too well for a few nights now. In fact, I'm on my way back down for another 'nap' right now! ^_^
      But before I do, I want to share another couple of the Etsy treasuries where my wuglyees shop items have been featured, along with other shop's this cute ring!...

      The items in this treasury have a kind of reddish theme...including my red (garnet) and white boutonniere! :-) ...

       Although not all of the items are red. The coral pink bracelet below was in this treasury too! :-) ...

      Then there was this treasury...'Beautiful Fall'!...

      It's featuring items that have Fall colors, like the burnt orange that's in my suit boutonniere...

      ...and the beautiful Fall colors of this baby bonnet and socks (below)! :-) ...

      I still have a few treasuries to share with you. I hope you don't get bored with them before I'm done! ^_^ I'll try to break things up a bit with some other stuff every now and then! :-)) Starting tomorrow! I wanna share my latest crochet project!...which is my latest crochet project AGAIN! ^_^ I'll explain tomorrow....when I'm through napping! :-) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥


I wait most every morning
to see soft light coming through the trees;
To see the darkness pierced by shadows,
making clarity a tease.

I wait most every morning,
knowing darkness will give way;
Hoping sunrise won't forget me,
and my night will soon be day.

I wait most every morning,
for the thick black blanket's night
to flip back and uncover
all the brilliant rested light!

I've never been disappointed.
Light always manages to appear.
And I always smile and wave and holler:
"Hello Light! I'm over here!"