Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I've Missed You!! :-)


      Hello Bloggers!! ^_^ It feels like forever since I posted! I've been very busy, crocheting my fingers to the bones...I wish!! :-)) No, my fingers aren't boney yet! LOL But I have been doing an inordinate amount of crocheting!
      Hubby's salesmanship is much better than I thought! :-) I asked him to 'hawk' my wares for me...at least my $10, 'gotta-get-them-outta-HERE' scarves!! And not only is he selling my $10 scarves, but he's been getting me custom orders like crazy!!
      I've made...Oh, I-don't-know-how-many...hooded wrap scarves now!...and also some crochet tube hats!...Speaking of hats, arent these Etsy finds (below) cute?!!!...

      As I was saying :-) ... crochet tube hats!...And yesterday hubby came home with an order for another extra large hooded wrap scarf. A colorful one. And 2 regular size ones, in black!! O_O He also mentioned something about a lap blanket for someone!...So, as you can see, my busy stretch apparently isn't over!! :-)
       I wish I had three or four hands, or a couple million dollars in the bank...so that I could either crochet faster, or tell some of my customers...in my most loving 'Grey Poupon' voice..."I'll get to it when I get to it"!!! :-)) But I have neither extra hands, or extra dough (money)!!!...Therefore.....I crochet night and day, like a crazy 'we-gotta-pay-the-bills' fool!! LOL...Speaking of dough, though! ^_^ ...


      How fabulous are these rolling pins!! :-) Imagine the lovely crusts on my pot pies, or apple and cherry pies, with these beautiful 'babies'!!!

      And just visualize your home-made cookies with a message across the top!! :-)


      Speaking of which, as soon as my hands un-curl from all of this crocheting, I'm gonna make a batch of my peanut butter chocolate chip coconut cookies for a dear, dear friend of mine. ♥ She's been cooking like a crazy woman herself, and sharing it all with me and hubby!! :-) And WOW!...we've been eating so good!! ^_^

      In other news:...

         --- my mother-in-law hasn't come to live with us yet. But we still have the room ready...just in case!...Apparently, she's gonna be moving straight into her 'new diggs' soon!! ^_^ I almost wish she was already there, considering the fact that we have a nor'easter on the way!...In fact, the roads are full of ice already this morning! O_O
       --- We are still without a car! UGH!!!! It appears to be either the fuel filter, or the fuel pump, that's gone. Hubby has had a time trying to get the fuel filter off, to test it first!! O_O Oh, if only we had those couple million in the bank!!! I would've called an auto repairman by now...to come and haul this piece of junk away!!! Ha! Ha!...Okay, 'nice car, pretty car', it's not a COMPLETE piece of junk!! LOL
     --- I'm without my personal assistant at the moment. She's on vacation in a hot climate, away from my 'get-me-this, get-me-that' cries! :-)) 
    --- My printer is out of ink...completely!!!...due to my amazing discovery that it will download photos from my computer!!...Uhhhh...somebody could've told me that it uses up all of your printer ink to do it though!!!! ^_^

     Okay, that's almost too much talking for one post!! ^_^ I guess I missed talking to you all this time! ♥ So, let me share a few more Etsy finds with you, and get myself outta here!...back to the crochet grind! :-)





      Of course I had to end with some flowers on something!!! ^_^ Have a good Tuesday, Everybody!! And hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!....Don't hold your breath though...just in case another crochet order comes up! ^_^ ♥

Busy As A Beaver

I've been waiting for this moment,
where my crochet shop's involved,
to be busy as a beaver.
Now that problem has been solved.

I've been doing custom orders,
(Every customer had a tip)
Writing notes and tying ribbons,
readying packages to ship.

Yes, I know that things could change,
I could hear crickets any day.
But for now I'll just enjoy it.
Beavers pat their tail this way!


  1. Nice to hear from you here Wug! I'm glad you're so busy! Better than having no orders and twiddling your thumbs.
    I'm sorry your car isn't working yet. Hopefully Jeff will be able to repair it soon.
    You must show off some of your custom orders! I want to see the hooded shawls!
    Have a wonderful rest of the day, and send some of those cookies my way!! :D

  2. I'm glad to be busy too, Bead!!!! ^_^ I haven't shown off any of the hooded shawls because they're going like wildfire 'offline'! And plus...they're black. Hard to photograph in this dark weather we're having. But hopefully I'll be able to soon! :-] And, as to the cookies, where is 'Star Trek Scotty' and him 'beam-me-up-machine' when you need him, right?! Ha! Ha! Those cookies would be in your house 'lickety-split'!!! ^_^


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