Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday Is For Baby Music!

 (11x14 Bring On Spring Woodland Baby Animal Parade Art Print by PinwheelKids)

     Two days in a row....YAY!! ^_^ And I have something cute to share too!...baby music! :-) Cute Etsy items for baby, or about baby...and music!...Why?!...Because I came across the cutest video yesterday on Facebook and it reminded me of how much some babies....including myself when I was a baby!...love music!!
      Is your baby, or children, music lovers?!...

 (Headphones Music Baby One Piece (Custom Text Colors/Wording) by sweetdahliashop)

      What I remember from when I was a baby...and granted, I don't remember much from when I was a wee babe...was that I loved music!! I gravitated to it wherever it was being played. Guitar, flute, violin, tambourine, etc....WHATEVER! As long as some kind of musical note or beat came out of it!! ^_^ And this baby (below) seems to have the same sentiment! :-) ...

      Considering how many musical baby items there are on Etsy, I guess I didn't corner the market on loving music as a baby! ^_^
(Retro Music Baby Quilt by QuiltingWarmWishes)

      No, I'm not a baby anymore! ^_^ But guess what?!...I STILL love music! In fact, I'm about to do my exercises, and put my 'records' on right now!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!! ♥

Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, a syncopated beat!

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