Friday, December 26, 2014

Why Would You Not Like This?!!

      Have you ever shown someone something that you absolutely loved and they turned their nose up to it, or gave it a funny if to say: "You don't have the good taste that God gave a duck?!!!" ^_^
      That's the look I got when I showed 'someone-who-shall-remain-nameless'...but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! LOL...the fabulous tunic in my header photo. I saw it on Etsy and just fell in love!!! :-)

      I had all kinds of visions in my head of useful items to make out of the tubs of odd pieces and bits of yarn I have!! :-) At this point it's clear that I wasn't the one who first thought of doing this!! ^_^ I mean, look at her items! They're so adorable!!!...

      One of these days I'm gonna.......! of these days I'm gonna........Okay. I'm probably not gonna. :-)) But I can dream, can't I?!!!

      Speaking of dreaming. Have you ever seen these candies before?!....Just dreamy!!...

      Or at least that's what I thought when I unwrapped the box! :-) They were a re-gift.

      Hubby and I don't celebrate Christmas. Or any of the holidays really. But I think his co-worker thought he should get a gift anyway! :-)) So he left this box of candy for hubby....When he opened the box and saw what it was, hubby thought that "I" needed a gift! LOL

      In other words, hubby was familiar with ribbon candy from when he was a kid. And he didn't like it! LOL So, I got the old: "Here Honey...Maybe you'll like 'em!" :-)) Funny how husbands can give you a gift and still make it seem like you didn't really get one!! LOL

      As it turns out....I now understand why he gave them away! LOL They have more 'LOOK-ABILITY' than they have 'TASTE_ABILITY'!!! ^_^ In other words....there's not much to that artificial flavoring. LOL

      But they sure 'LOOK' pretty, don't they?! ^_^ ... Uhhhhhh...."Thanks for almost nothing, Honey!!" LOL

      The truth is, I 'am' gonna be working with something with lots of color little friend's colorful granny squares blanket! :-) I'll share some pictures of it when it's done...hopefully in a few days.
      For now.....Tha tha tha tha....that's all folks!!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!! ♥


My youth was filled with candy.
Penny candy was my thing!
With a sugar laden face
was how I rolled. Ka-ching, Kaching!

But now I'm 'long in the tooth',
avoiding reasons for the doc.
So I keep my candy eating
to a tick upon the clock.

But if you wanna give me something,
and candy's all that you have new.
Oh well, A little bit of chocolate?
I guess it probably will do!

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