Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Blanket Is All Done! :-)

      I really don't have much to talk about today...unless you want me to tell you about all of the interesting things I learned this morning when I was doing my theocratic ministry review, or if you want me to tell you, and show off, the finished granny square blanket for my little friend! ^_^

     Okay...I made the decision for you! ^_^ ... Little Charlie loves his new blanket! He took it and a 'blankets of love' poem home with him...after I got a proposal from him to have him come and live with me! ^_^
     He was so cute! :-) He asked me where my husband sleeps. I pointed to my husband's side of the bed. And then he said: "Well, I'll just sleep down here!" (pointing to the foot of the bed.) LOL If I hadn't been laughing when I said: "NO!!!" I think I might've broke his little heart!...and my hubby's!! LOL
     Anyway!...Another little 'Ugly Wuglyee' has found a loving home, and I still sleep with my husband....all alone. :-)) All things are as they should be....I hope the same applies in your household today too!
      Have a good day, Everybody! I think I smell chocolate chip cookies!! ♥

It Smells!

Oh the memories you unfold...
the fruity highs, and woodsy lows...
when you think of all the smells
that, through the years, have passed your nose.

How granny always smelled of food,
with a tinge of moth ball smell there too.
The outside porch sometimes smelled musty
because of brother's old gym shoe.

The cloud of 'Right Guard' in the mist,
whenever dad would take a shower.
The bakery with it's smells so sweet,
changing hour after hour.

Colognes and perfumes of your friends...
You'd smell them coming for a mile.
Yes, they'd produce some pretty odors,
but they'd also produce a smile.

We could talk about what we've smelled,
or what we've tried real hard NOT to!
And please let's talk about all the memories
that our smellers led us through...

We could talk about these for hours,
days and months, an odor-fest.
But to end this poem now,
before it stinks, I think is best!

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