Sunday, November 30, 2014

SNOW...Alias 'The White Stuff'!...And Crochet Acessories!!

      It's a lazy, hazy, COLD morning! Brrrrr! So I'm not doing much except sipping on hot tea, watching a little tv, and waiting for some hot soup...via my homemade 'self-named' Great-Hubby-Chef! ^_^ I'll keep you posted as to whether it tastes as good as he thinks it will! LOL
      In the meantime, I wanted to stop by to show you the other couple of items I saw on Etsy last week that I never got a chance to share with you!...B-U-S-Y!!...One is the bedding in the header photo, and the other is the music chest below...

       I love looking at pretty things!...even when my money is 'ugly'! LOL The ugly money situation is something I'm working hard on though! ^_^ I've been crocheting like crazy!!!! The good thing is that it appears that the recipients of my crochet items are very happy with them! ^_^ I got this photo from one of my customers...

      I made 2 crochet hats for her little boy, and he loves them. Especially the mint blue one!! :-)

      It made my heart smile to see his little smiling face underneath my hat! ^_^ In fact, I've been seeing a lot of little smiling faces lately. The neighbor kids are LOVING the snow!! They made a snow-fort in the backyard, and two...uhhhh...'INTERESTING-LOOKING' snowmen! ^_^ ...

      That 'realistic' Jimmy Durante nose on the snowman on the right made me crack up laughing!! LOL

      So much attention went on that nose!! ^_^ But the other one doesn't even have eyes I don't think!! LOL...

      ANYWAY!! ^_^ ...  I gotta go and get myself ready for my meeting today. But first, let me show you my latest custom order. 2 scarf and hat sets, with striping on the edges! :-) ...

      I also made a couple of hooded scarf wraps, and some other stuff too. It's all starting to melt together in my head like a big ole crocheting collage! :-)) It's a very good thing right now too!! We can sure use the cash!! ^_^ Although...who can't?! LOL
      Okay....bye till next time! :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!! ♥

Catching Up

I see life from my perspective.
And it's always a full cup.
I rarely see the glass half empty.
I don't let much interrupt.

But now I find this needs a change.
I have some catching up to do.
I have some things that need updating.
And some family bonds to glue.

Some things have lagged unmercifully.
They need some tweaking, not too much.
Just need to get back some perspective..
Get some family lines in touch.

This catching up will be wide ranging.
Out with the old, in with the new.
But when you're catching up with people,
there's still some old when you're all through.

Catching up sometimes is tiring.
Maybe that's why I've been waiting.
And, besides, when I'm all done,
there seems there's more that needs updating!


  1. I love the striping on the hats & stuff. Good job...& that nose on the!!!!

    1. Why, thank you Jocel!! :-) And Jimmy Durante has nothing on that nose, does he?! LOL


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