Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Blankets...And Bed?!

      I know you're asking yourself: "Wug, why are you showing us your bed?!" ^_^ Well actually, it's not really 'my' bed! :-) It's the blanket I've been making for my little friend! :-)

      The truth is that I started this blanket of granny squares as another one of my 'Ugly Wuglyees'...just to use up some yarn that I wasn't very fond of! But my friend came over one day, with her son, and her son saw the blanket and fell in love with it! ^_^ He said: "Can I have it when you're done?"
      I said: "Honey, if you want it when it's done...with all of these wild colors on's yours!" ^_^ And ever since then he asks about how much longer it's gonna be before he can take it home! LOL...I love to have my 'Ugly Wuglyees' loved like that!!! :-)

      I'm sharing it with you today because I only have two more squares, and a border row or two, to do on it and it'll be done!...And my little friend is here today to take it HOME!!! ^_^ ... *sigh*...Whatever will I work on tomorrow?!! ^_^ Somehow I think I'll think of something! ♥ Have a good day, Everybody!...Say Bye, Bye to my latest 'Ugly Wuglyee'!!! :-)

Blankets Of Love

I make blankets, in my own time;
putting love in every stitch;
I let no one rush the process;
I'm not concerned with getting rich.

Crocheting brings about a calm
that nothing else quite seems to do;
I get such joy from choosing patterns,
and from choosing colors, too.

The more intricate-the better;
that gives me much more time to think,
'cause I can slow down, and can read it,
keeping brain cells in the pink.

Just the steady, jutting motion
of my needle's in and out
makes me remember who its for,
and what the pattern's all about.

I made a blanket for my sister,
with kittens crocheted all around;
and another, for a friend,
with her name written up and down.

I made a special one, one year,
(made lovingly-to give away)
It marked the 20 years of love
that we remembered on that day.

We threw a party for our friends;
We had good food, and dancing too;
and on the blanket, there was written:
'Roses are red, violets are blue'.

That was a special blanket;
but special is always what I say
'cause I put the time into them
and they don't even dare to fray.

They are blankets made with love
that I'm proud of-from 'chain one';
To watch the faces of receivers
is, without doubt, half the fun.

So-if I ever make a blanket
for your anniversary,
or your wedding, or engagement,
here's the thought you'll have from me:

That 'I love you very much,
and making it was fun to do;'
and that 'with every single stitch
my every thought had been of you!'

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