Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh Yes...I Know 'UGLY' When I See It!!

      Thankfully I don't have my life dedicated to spotting 'ugly' at every turn, or else I'd be spending my life in a very bad...UGLY...state of mind! ^_^ That's not to say that I don't see a lot of it though!...Ugly I mean!...But not out my backyard window. There's no ugly out there! :-)...Actually, thanks to the tree removal, and the backyard landscaping recently, there isn't much of ANYTHING out there now!! O_O
      That's a 'horse of another color' though...and I don't wanna talk about depressing landscapes and un-smileable stuff today! I wanna talk about 'ugly'!! ^_^

      I mean, you haven't seen ugly until you've seen a sad bowl of Ramen noodles, with no meat in it, no veggies, and no real seasonings! LOL...But still...sipping on it today made me smile! :-] It brought back memories of when I was little. When I would be sick and get to eat a whole can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup, with crackers, all by myself! :-) The 'all by myself' part was what made it such a treat! :-) And if you come from a large family you'll know exactly what I mean! ^_^
      The truth is I've been aching and napping for two days...'THANK YOU, RAIN! Grrrr!...NOT!!!"...and this hot soup hit the spot!!...Now back to what I was saying...

      I know ugly when I see it!! in point, here is one of my 'ugly Wuglyee' scarves...

      This is one of the scarves I made from some of the leftover and donated yarn and sewing thread I had. Frankly, it's not my favorite yarn, the color or the materials, but I'm hoping that to someone it will be just the 'different' or 'funky' accessory they're looking for! ^_^
      I never put it, or any of the other ones...and there's a lot of them! for sale. I didn't have the nerve! LOL But now...they have to go!!!! At the very least, they're very warm and can be used as doorstops to keep out the cold, soft coverings for dog or cat beds, or any number of things other than just a scarf! You just have to use your imagination! ^_^ ... Here are two others I have...

      I'm selling them for $10.00 a piece. I think my labor is at least worth that much!! I don't have them online though. I'm having hubby sell them all over town, to anyone he comes in contact with!! LOL
      Believe it or not, he's already sold two!! :-) He sold them to a woman who works for the place he drives for. She was excited about getting them too!...Do I know ugly or what?!! ^_^ And apparently I'm not the only one! :-)
        She also mentioned the scarves to her boss...who told my husband that they're now thinking of having a craft fair at the place, and featuring some of my crocheted items!!! :-) Isn't that great?!!!...I'll keep you posted as to whether any of this comes to fruition! I don't hold my breath about this kinda stuff anymore. As I said, I know ugly!!!

      On a side note,  you haven't lived...and known true ugly...until you've heard your 'tone-deaf' husband sing ♫ "Say something. I'm giving up on you...." ♫ at the top of his voice over and over again!! LOL....WOW! O_O "Thanks Heaps, 'The Voice'"!!!!! He heard one of the contestants sing it on the show last night and now...he's hooked!! He's been singing this non-melodic tune all day!!!! LOL..."Sorry, Honey, but the truth is the truth"!! LOL

      On another side note, as soon as the better weather rolls in...tomorrow hopefully!...I'm gonna be making a couple of pair of children's mittens to give away with purchases in my wuglyees shop. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what colors I should start with?!
      Other than that, I'm slowly working on the granny square blanket I mentioned a few days ago...which I've officially decided to give away to my girlfriend's son for his bed. :-) Then I'll be looking for inspiration again!...Maybe something like crochet!...

      I saw this the other day and down-loaded it for inspiration. Isn't it cute!! :-) ... Now I can't remember where I saw it at, so that I can give them credit. O_O Sorry!...If anyone knows whose wall hanging it is, please let me know. Thanks.

      Okay...I'm outta here! :-] But 'just saying', just so you know, I also know 'cute' when I see it! :-) ...

      My 'Baby Wuglyee' bear would not be happy if I was inspired by this bear pattern, so....I won't be. LOL But it's sure cute!! ^_^ ... Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

We're In This Together

Supporting one another
with our smiles and hugs and care.
Gathered as a group
with all our crafts and things to wear.

Thankful for the weather,
bringing people by the mile.
Showing what we do
to every mother, dad, and child.


  1. First off...your scarves are NOT ugly!! I love the color combinations in them and I know someone else will too!
    Congrats on the sales and good for you hubby, for selling them! A craft show is a great idea! I was invited to put some of my things in a craft show, but then found out it was for the holidays! >>>OF COURSE<<<
    Anyway, I hope your aches go away soon. Rain is done here for awhile, so hopefully it'll be done there too.

    1. Awwwwww! :-) Thanks, Bead!!...but I think you may be my 'biased buddy' at this point! :-)) And I'll take it!! LOL...And isn't it always the way, with the holidays I mean?! Ugh! Oh well, people mean well I guess. We'll just have to find us a place to show off our goods, minus the holiday fare! :-] And I guess we better hurry too! LOL


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