Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Typical' Is As 'Typical' Does!!...But That's Typically Not Me!!

       There is nothing typical about my life, or about me! I mean NOTHING!...And, frankly, I kinda like it that way! ^_^ I mean who wants to be pigeon-holed, or be predicable?!...Not Me! I like being the kind of girl who when she hears the music for a Hallmark card commercial doesn't know if she's gonna smile, start dancing up and down, cry, or simply 'poo-poo' it as being too sappy. LOL
     It's just this kind of non-typical behavior that led me to my incredible breakfast this morning, of leftover spicy pork and rice, a cornbread flap-jack, and a cup of green tea! :-) No one would look at this breakfast, think of me, and say: "Typical!" :-))

      And thankfully I'm married to someone with the same kind of non-typical sensibilities! I mean...he made homemade collard greens, with smoked turkey wings, in the crock pot (slow-cooker) yesterday! :-) And it was delicious!!!!
      Granted, sometimes non-typical 'can' be a problem...Case in point, some ugly non-typical scarves that I can't get rid of!!! LOL...

       And also there have been some things cooked around here that....Ooooo! O_O I don't even wanna tell you about them on the off chance that you might call the food and drug administration on us!!!...because I'm SURE some of it was chemically changed into something else when it hit the pan!! LOL
      Also with UN-predictability sometimes comes frustration. Yep! We've definitely had some of those days too!! AAAAARGH!!!...But, generally -speaking, being a non-typical couple has given us some happy days dancing around the house to old Commodores songs, has led to some pretty fantastic 'virtual' dates to exotic places all over the world...while we were in our pajamas! ^_^, and has led to some pretty crazy and memorable conversations that led to us getting closer than ever. :-)
       So, today is dedicated to the non-typical people of the world. Be okay with not being completely predicable every day!...By all means, tow the line and be a 'team player' sometimes. That's also necessary! But don't think of yourself as not okay when you do things unlike other people might do it. That just means that you're not typical. And that's okay sometimes too!! :-)

      Okay, moving on!! ^_^ I just wanna show you the new children's size mittens I put in the Wuglyees shop this week!...

      I made them with the Caron Simply Soft paints yarn that I used for that last hat I made a few weeks back.

      They're a combination of turquoise, green, and blue.

       Not typically what I would make either! ^_^ There isn't a flower on them anywhere!!

      I'm trying something non-typical for marketing too. I'm giving away a free pair of these mittens to anyone that follows me on Facebook and buys $40.00 worth of product from my Wuglyees shop! :-) So, do your little ones need some warm homemade handmade mittens?! ^_^ If you ask 'pretty please' I might even make you a pair in the color you want!! ^_^

      Have a non-typically good 'Commodores' Sunday, Everybody!! :-) 


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace for it,
while it flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes, and dance of joy,
happy dance, and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!

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