Monday, October 6, 2014

Is It Monday Again?!!!!!

      Say hello to me today! :-), in the representation of JingfenHwu's cute tabby cat!! ^_^ I saw it in my activity feed on Etsy and thought: "YEP! That's Me"!! LOL...Why?!..Well, because I'm a little tired after an eventful weekend...of which I'm not going to get into with you. And trust me, you don't wanna know anyway!! ^_^
      Instead of boring you with tales of a sick dad and a busy...sorta kinda...mental state this weekend, I'll share a couple of cute items I found on Etsy!! :-) ... Starting with this really cute 'wrist music'!...

      I know I have one of those kinds of minds that see myself as a 'fashion plate', trapped in a 'bubble girl' body, but you would wear this bracelet too...wouldn't you?! :-] When I first saw it I was thinking: "That would be a cute accessory for a Friday date the theater or something! :-) ... And are we going to the theater on Friday?!...Uhhhh...Who knows! It's too early in the week for all of that folderol!! LOL

      Me and my friend thought this was cute!...

      It would be a little short for my hips, but somebody's hips would look really cute in it!! ^_^

     Speaking of cute, let me show you the cute mitten my girlfriend just made for her son!!...

      I love the yarn color, which her son picked out himself! :-] He's got good 'color' taste!!...I may try to make a few mittens myself, children's size I mean, to give as free gifts in my Wuglyees shop. It was an idea my girlfriend gave me. A GOOD idea!!! :-)

      Okay, I have one more item to show you!...

      Have I said lately how creative I think Etsians are?! ^_^ Well, if not, I'll say it now. Etsians are soooooo creative!! ^_^

      Hopefully I'll be back soon to share.....SOMETHING!! LOL Let's play it by ear, shall we! ^_^ .... That's all I've got..........Mondays........Ugh!

For all the Mondays

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the Fall leaves gently falling down;
For all the wet soil, caked and brown,
and all the worms it must have drowned;

For all the honking, and chatty sound
from all the folks scurrying round the town;
For aching feet and hearts that pound;
and lists and nerves to be unwound;

For bags and keys that hit the ground,
when well-tired bodies fall in a mound;
For deals and prices that do astound,
and all well worth it, pound for pound;

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the weekends gone with a frown;
For adjectives needed, not just a noun,
Much thanks to Mondays that come around.

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