Thursday, October 30, 2014


      A post about random thoughts is well served by a header photo of a beautifully colored abstract art painting...don't you think?! ^_^ And just for 'kicks', what do you see when you look at it?!....Me?!....I see a grasshopper lounging by the beach in a canvas lounge chair, smiling, while holding a crutch in his left hand, and a soup ladle in his right! ^_^ ...Purely random! LOL

      That's the kind of day I'm having...nothing in my head is organized and pretty. It's all jumbled and resistant to control. But's very calm. :-] The perfect place for random thoughts to breathe and keep themselves comfortable. :-))
      Speaking of random thoughts ^_^ did I tell you about the menagerie of animals that have been wandering through our backyard this past week?!...rabbits and cats, robins and all kinds of birds...including...and this is the honest truth!...a large eagle that landed on top of one of the robins that was scratching for worms, held him in his talons until he went limp, and then toted him off!! O_O
      The next day a mangy-looking coyote trotted through the backyard, with his fur all choppy, like somebody like Edward Scissorhands had gotten a hold of a bad way! He was also missing part of his tail!!! O_O Hubby was fascinated until he noticed that the coyote was stalking one of the neighborhood feral cats!! *gulp!* We stopped looking!!!!...And I don't even wanna know what happened to the cat!!

      Yesterday, as if he was going for a little trot in the outback somewhere, a red fox...with a white-tipped tail...came trotting through the backyard!!! O_O He was kind of skittish though. He went one direction, stopped cold, looked around, and then went back the same direction he came from!
      Today the only traffic through the backyard has been a mommy with her little toddler, dressed like a pink dinosaur, with a tail no less! ^_^ It's that time of year, people!!! *smh* All due respect to people and their beliefs, but seriously?!!!! LOL

      I'm crocheting another hooded scarf/wrap! :-] ...

      It's with Red Heart yarn. The color is "buff" looks like beige to me! ^_^ ...SIDE THOUGHT: How do you count your rows when you're working a knit or crochet pattern?!...Do you have a row counter gadget, memorize it in your head, or write the numbers down on a piece of paper and scratch them out as you I do?!...Just wondering. ^_^

      Guess what I had for lunch today...THANKS HONEY!! :-) ♥ ...Fried pork chops, lima beans, and a red baked potato!! ^_^ The only thing missing was some chocolate cake and a hot cup of pumpkin spiced coffee!!!...To Be Continued!! ^_^

     I love that tennis has been on The Tennis Channel all day today...LIVE!! :-) And that I've seen almost all of my favorite men play!...Lopez, Nishikori, Wawrinka, Tsonga, Murray, and now Roger Federer!! :-) It's a good tennis day!

     In closing...tonight is meeting night! :-) And it's Oral Review night! :-) I love going back and reviewing the things we've learned recently. Such good reminders about how our relationship with Jehovah God should be, and how we need to be behaving toward other people as well!! Oh, if only the whole world took the time to learn about what's required to be a "true" citizen of the world!...and then actually practiced it!! I go. Random thoughts?...DONE!...for today! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everyone! ♥

 "Random  Words"

I wrote to "Random House".
I'm  putting it all out on the line;
Letting strangers tell me what they think,
and critique my chatty mind.

Its been 2 weeks already,
and not a word have I heard back.
Is this unusual?
Can someone else, your poems, hijack?!

I tell myself: "Don't Worry.
In fact, no news can mean good news."
(Its the way I try to fool myself,
so my ego won't  get bruised.)

When I wrote them I was honest.
I didn't  try to play some game.
I want to make some extra money,
not pursue book deals and fame.

So, I wrote to "Random House",
and put it all out on the line.
Now I wait to hear from strangers,
and please, please, let them be kind!

     (This poem was written a while ago....I'm still waiting! LOL)    


  1. I'm so sick of google!! They erased my comment again!!

    1. Awwww! :-( I'm sorry, Bead....I guess I'm the one that's missing out though.


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