Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Would You Wear This?!

      I hope you're I am...looking at this cute crochet hat! :-) Not that I have any stake in whether it gets sold or not! :-)) Although, for this shop's sake, I hope it does!! I just like the hat! ^_^

       Okay...I like the hat AND the model's smile. :-) Her smile seems to be saying: "Don't you think I'm cute?!!!!" And the hat seems to be saying" "I'm so cute you just have to buy me, right?!!" LOL And, on both counts, I have to say: "Yes!" ^_^ Of course the second 'yes' has a caveat....and that is that I would buy it IF I could afford to!! ^_^
       Well...if I could afford to, and if I could get rid of the thought in my head that if I just applied myself a little I could make a hat sorta like this myself!! ^_^ Mine would probably have a lot more colors added to it!! LOL You know me and my color restraint!! ^_^
       Are any of you out there in blog-land crochet hat wearers?!...I mean, would you wear a hat like this one?!...I love the crocheted rope-like strands hanging down. They almost look like they could be hair braids! :-) It's one of the cuter items I saw in my Etsy activity feed today.

      This (below) is one of the other cute items I saw!! :-] ...

      I love a great wedding gift idea, and I think this is one!! It would be perfect for the 'best man' or the 'ring-bearer'! And, of course, it would be a great wedding favor to have at everyone's seat at the reception too!! :-) What a great little gift reminder!! In fact, it might keep reminding your friends about your anniversary for years!!!! ^_^

      Okay...moving on from Etsy cuteness... :-) ...I wanna give a big "WHOOP! WHOOP!" to my husband for making some unusual and surprisingly good noodle soup for dinner last night! ^_^ He made it in the crock pot (slow cooker), and in a way that I would never have tried!...And I have to be honest, I was leery about what it would taste like when he told me the ingredients! O_O It included the usual things you put in noodle soup, but with a twist. It had no chicken! 
      It had cubed beef, chicken broth, pepper flakes, egg noodles, and regular white potatoes!! O_O The unusual part was not the spiciness, and not the beef either. It was the combination of what I perceived to be 'starchy' noodles and 'starchy' potatoes together!! O_O I was sure it was gonna be a clumped up gluten-ny mess!! LOL But it wasn't!! :-)
      He added extra chicken broth and it turned out to be very delicious!!!...Sorry beef and chicken. I know you're both not birds of a feather. In fact, one of you is not even a bird at all!! ^_^ ... but.....hey! "Moo, Moo, Cluck, Cluck!" LOL

      Before I head off to take my nap, let me show you two other items I finished yesterday...and there was not a black scarf among them!! LOL...

      This scarf is made with a combination of virgin wool and "crimp" nylon!! :-) ...

      I made it by crocheting three strands together of some fingering weight yarn that was given to me a long time ago. I kept saving it for a 'special' project.....that just never came along!...until now that is! ^_^ The patch of green on the end of one creative flare!...was really just a last minute decision because I ran out of the other yarns!! LOL But hubby loves it like that!! :-)
      And of course I had to put a flower brooch pin on it too!! :-) And that was 'on purpose'!! ^_^ ... Just so you know that I'm not forgetting about the four black scarves I have to make, I'll have you know that I'm about half way through a black crochet brooch pin right now!! ^_^
      Okay...truth!...My skeins of black yarn apparently got burned a little by a lamp bulb, or a heater vent, or something!!! Aargh! They have a patch of changed color....reddish brown now!...on the end of the skeins. O_O I would have to keep cutting and pasting every time the color came out of the skein...UGH!...and I'm not in the mood for all of that!! So I have to wait until payday so I can get some more black yarn. 
       AIN'T THAT ALWAYS THE WAY!!!!...I mean, I have a kabillion skeins of yarn...of all different this house, but NO BLACK! good condition I mean!!! LOL No worries though, I'll FIND something to crochet until payday!!! ^_^
      Okay...the talking non-stop will now........STOP!!!!! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Y'all...and I hope yours is without rain!! ♥

I wish I was a seahorse

I wish I was a seahorse;
with a curly floating tail,
and I lived in open oceans,
not in Massachusetts' rainy jail.

I could waste a lot of time,
look for things that I could bite.
Oh, but how would I crochet?
Sing with bubbles, also write?

Okay, I guess I'll be a Wug;
Make my flowers, jewelry too.
I can always just be 'wet'.
In this state, easy to do!

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