Monday, October 20, 2014

Ohhhhh...Not Much!

       "So, what are you doing with yourself these days?"... And the answer is today's blog title. ^_^ Or, in the words of all the 'slang masters'..."Just Chillin'!" :-))
      I spent Friday in 'Virtual' Venezuela. That was FABU!! ^_^ I can still hear the wonderful music wafting through the house!...I mean, in my ears!! LOL...And I spent Saturday mostly sleeping, or in pain....WEATHER ISSUES. UGH!
      Yesterday I just crocheted all day, chatted with family a bit on Facebook, and ate! ^_^ The header photo, and the next couple of photos, is my attempt at sharing some of my meal with you. :-)

      It's a crock pot, or slow cooker, lasagne!! :-) Hubby did it!!...

      The only alteration to the recipe was an addition of an onion and some hot pepper flakes. You know we like our food spicy! ^_^ It was easy peasy! It only took four hours too!! By the time our head was full os spiritual food after the meeting at the Kingdom Hall yesterday, and our comfortable clothes were changed into, dinner was ready!!...and it was absolutely delicious!! :-)

      Hubby says the next time he makes it...and OH YEAH! there's gonna be a next time for this lasagne!!...he's gonna add a few more tomatoes...maybe cut a bit bigger. YUM!!

      On the crochet front, I'm making more 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves! ^_^ And a few requested color scarves too! Crochet-wise, I'm starting to be like the old juke-box that you put your quarter in and request old standard songs! LOL "I'd like a purple one, please, and a pair of slipper booties. My old ones have bit the dust!" LOL
      This scarf (below) is white with flecks of green and pink...

      I ran out of yarn a lot faster than I thought I would, so it ended up being a circle neck scarf instead of a long scarf with pink fringe on one end, and mint green fringe on the other! ^_^ ... Maybe it's just as well I couldn't finish it that way, huh?! LOL

      I also made a little flower pin to wear with it...but the light in the house wasn't good enough to take a picture of it today. I think more rain is on the way. O_O UGH! ...Anyway, you've seen my flower pins, so I know you can visualize it! ^_^

      Today I started this black and purple scarf...

      I had to lighten the photo a bit using 'Picassa'...

      Only time will tell if I have enough yarn to make this one long enough!! LOL

      And, in between projects, I'm still adding squares to my granny square children's blanket!...*sigh* life is so boring these days!! LOL Colorful!...but boring. ^_^

      I'm really missing my backyard tree, and all of my visiting hummingbirds and cardinals, and blue jays, and...*sigh*...We still have robins all over the yard! But they're not the slightest bit interested in what's going on with me!! LOL They're pecking the ground for earthworms on their way up, so they don't drown in the downpour it appears we're about to get!! ^_^
      We're gonna have to put our suet feeder back up soon...before I go 'stir crazy' around here!!! AAARGH!!! The wall between 'stir crazy' and complete insanity is being held up right now by some beautiful red foliage that's popping out all over the woods out back...And sunsets. :-] 
      Okay...time to go and chat with hubby for a while...and then it'll be dinnertime again! ^_^ I think a pork roast and carrots are on tap for tonight!!! ^_^ ... What are you having?!!!...Enjoy, Everybody!! ♥


I wait most every morning
to see soft light coming through the trees;
To see the darkness pierced by shadows,
making clarity a tease.

I wait most every morning,
knowing darkness will give way;
Hoping sunrise won't forget me,
and my night will soon be day.

I wait most every morning,
for the thick black blanket's night
to flip back and uncover
all the brilliant rested light!

I've never been disappointed.
Light always manages to appear.
And I always smile and wave and holler:
"Hello Light! I'm over here!"


  1. That doesn't look like lasagna, but I've heard it's really good! Glad you liked it! Pork roast sounds good as well. I did a really dumb thing. A friend gave us some venison...the tenderloin area!! 4 pkgs! I brought it home (frozen) and was so tired, I forgot to put it in the freezer! I had 4 pkgs of thawed venison! Soooooo, I made french dip sandwiches out of part of it...yummy by the way, and "beef" barley soup out of the rest! Also yummy!! At least I saved it!
    I love the colors in your new scarves! Hope Jeff sells a lot of them for you! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Oh, but it is lasagne!! :-))) I think it needed a little sausage to take it over the top, but still...YUMMY!! :-] ... And yay for you, saving the venison!...Uhhh...but I'm not a fan of venison. It's a bit gamey for me. Too many episodes with it I guess. :-)) But it sounds like you enjoyed it, so that's all that counts!! ^_^ ... And thank you for the nice words about the scarves too!! Hubby has been good about 'hocking them' for me! LOL... Enjoy the rest of the evening, Bead. ♥

  3. Hi Deb...hope all is well in your part of the world as Fall has taken over and soon it will be November...can you believe it? Your lasagna looks interesting and so easy! Glad it tasted good too! Your scarves are beautiful and I hope they all sell quickly. Have a good last week of October!

    1. Hi Yaya! Yep, I'm doing fine in my part of the world. I'm just mentally distracted these days and also doing a lot of crocheting. Hubby is the one doing the cooking. No more lasagnes have come out of the crock pot lately though. Ha! Ha! Although I did get some pinto beans and some noodle soup out of there!! LOL...Have a good day. I'll be back to do a post soon.♥


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