Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's All About Being Blue Around Here...But Not The Way You Might Think!

      Considering how many blog posting days I've missed lately, and the fact that hubby is out of work again, it would be reasonable for you to think that I might be emotionally blue!...and I wouldn't be mad at you for thinking that, considering I do have my days!! :-) But all of our immediate bills are paid and we're still not at each other's throat from being too underfoot of one another, so we're good!! LOL
      The blue I was talking about was first this!...

      It's a gorgeous blue leather bag I found in this Etsy Treasury!!...

          If you like at the items in the treasury you'll see how much fun I had clicking onto each shop and checking them out! ^_^ All I can say is that it's a good thing I don't have any money!! LOL If I did, this bracelet might now be mine!!! :-) ...

      And, then again, maybe not. All of my extra money would be going to yarn for slippers!! ^_^ Although I didn't have to buy this yarn...

      ...I've had it for a while. I haven't known what to do with it!...Should it be a baby blanket?...a baby sweater? booties?...

          ...Eh! booties are kinda close to baby slippers, so that's what I'm making!! ^_^ Why not! I'm already in slipper-making mode!! ^_^

      I'm gonna be making some boy's sizes (3,4,5,6,)...

      If they come out nice, maybe I'll make some girl slippers pink! ^_^ I have LOTS of pink yarn already too!! And I know how to 'girl up' some slippers...with some flowers!! ^_^ ... Okay! The flowers aren't for the girls. They're for me!! LOL

      Anyway!!! ^_^ ... I made a pair of 'Ugly Wuglyee', size 11, slippers yesterday! O_O I took photos of them today, but I haven't gotten around to editing them, or listing the slippers in my wuglyees shop! But I will!! ^_^ And, some time or the other, I'll show them too you......When I get enough self-esteem, so as to not care what anybody thinks of my ugly babies!! LOL I'm not quite there today, but....maybe tomorrow!! ^_^

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Everybody!! ♥

Everything Is Getting Older

Everything is getting older,
past it's time, and rusting fast!
No matter how many times you oil it,
Somehow, still, it doesn't last.

Everything is getting older.
Even veggies just from the store,
have now browned and withered up.
They're not all shiny like before.

Everything is getting older.
Old dogs included, people too.
Even babies, from the womb,
start getting older, just past brand new!

Everything is getting older,
like real good books, with tales all told.
But, Wait a minute! Some books are good!
That's why "To read" will not get old.

Everything that's getting older
doesn't harm us and displease.
Just think of wisdom in the aging-
that's with people and with cheese!

All the things, those getting older,
showing marks and scars of time,
just need a tad bit more attention,
or just a small aged glass of wine!

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