Monday, April 27, 2015


      Hi! ^_^ I'm not here for a long drawn out conversation tonight...*and you can stop hooting and clapping at any time! LOL*...but I did wanna share some pretty things, and some ugly...*scratch that*...some 'not so pretty' things that I made myself! ^_^
      The header photo is showing one of the pretty things! I love pretty butterflies on a headband, don't you?!!...And the only thing they have in common with my 'Ugly Wuglyee' style bedroom slippers is that they both have black coloration included on them!

      Of course, my slippers also have other colors! Some charcoal gray and black print, and olive green soles! :-) ...

      They're like some 'throw-back' colored slippers from my favorite generation...the 70s!! ^_^ *♫ Staying Alive, Staying Aliveeeeeeeee! ♫ :-)) ... What can I say?!....Oh! I know what I can say! I can say that what they lack in 'pretty' they make up for in 'comfortable'!! ^_^

     Moving on to the other 'pretty'! :-) ...

      I love Monika's coasters!! :-) They almost look like real chocolate-dipped strawberries! strawberries that you can eat your peanut butter cookies and milk off of!! ^_^
      Speaking of peanut butter cookies! :-)) ...

      These are my other 'ugly'! :-] They were a quick meal for some desperately 'desserty' bakers! ^_^ Me and Mr. Wug I mean...of course!! LOL...

      Our cupboard was kinda bare, but we found a way to make some deliciously ugly cookies anyway!! ^_^ There were only three ingredients: a cup of peanut butter, a cup of white sugar, and an egg! Seriously...that was all!!!
      We had to preheat the oven to 350 degrees, mix the three ingredients until they were smooth, and put them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper for 6 to 8 minutes!! :-) (Our oven took a little longer, so I guess that old adage about a watched pot never boiling has some truth to it!! least it does when it comes to watching ovens for cookies to brown!! LOL) 
      They weren't 'pretty' when they came out, and they weren't as crisp as I like my peanut butter cookies to be, but they sure were good!!!! ^_^ Our dessert craving was thoroughly satisfied!!

      There was only enough milk for one of us to get a glass to sip on with their cookies...You'll just have to guess which one of us drank it...and shared a sip or two. :-)) No...those kind of manners are not 'pretty'!...I'll have to work on that...tomorrow!! Ha! Ha!...Goodnight, Y'all!! ♥


Flipping, Frying,
Flambeing, Filleting,
Burning, Browning,
Paring, Pureeing.

Boiling, Baking,
Mixing, Making,
Simmering, Scaling,
Sifting, Shaking.

Cooking, Crackling,
Cutting, Coring,
Sprinkling, Spattering,
Patting, Pouring,

Broiling, Battering,
Steeping, Steaming,
Timing, Tossing,
Cubing, Creaming,

Slicing, Scrambling,
Turning, Toasting,
Melting, Measuring,
Rinsing, Roasting.

Dipping, Dicing,
Skimming, Sauteing,
Poaching, Peeling,
Mincing, Microwaving.

Gathering, Grilling
Basting, Barbecuing,
Hacking, Heating,
Scoring, Skewering.

Standing, Stirring,
Rough, Tough,
Kitchen, Ditching,
Had Enough!


  1. I had to laugh at this post because of you labeling everything ugly. It may just be me but I liked your black slippers I don't think their ugly at all. They look so comfy.
    Your peanut butter cookies made me hungry and yes thats a keeper of a recipe if you only used those three ingredients. I believe I know who enjoyed them with the milk. haha
    Thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment about Christi's wedding. It was such a nice wedding and my heart was filled with such joy for her and Paul. He is a good Christian man and I am one happy mother to have him as a son-in-law.
    Hope you enjoy all of those cookies and your shoes. Take care and hopefully soon Mr. Wug will enjoy milk with his. haha

    1. Hi! :-) Well...I call 'em like I see 'em, Grandma Yellow Hair!! LOL And thank you very much for liking my ugly slippers! ♥ Off to hunt some more cookies! :-)) Maybe some pretty ones this time!!

  2. I liked the gray slippers...I think they looked manly...made for a 70's guy! I've made those cookies before and I love em. They are kind of delicate though. I'm getting a craving for some now...hmmmm...have a good weekend! Oh, we are short on milk tonight too!

    1. Why...thank you, Yaya!! That's exactly what I was thinking about my 'ugly' slippers....they look manly and have a 70s vibe! ^_^ ... Now, go get you some cookies!!! LOL


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