Sunday, April 19, 2015

LIFE...Please Let Go Of My Neck!!!!

      Hello Strangers! :-)) I feel as if just when I get myself back in a groove of being able to blog regularly something 'wonky' happens and off I go again! And that's what happened last week. I was setting up a general list of the things I wanted to blog about, and deciding which days to talk about what, and then.....LIFE grabbed me by the neck and shook me like a rag doll!! O_O
      To make a long story short...which we all know I'm not that good at doing!...hubby is out of work again. :-( Needless to say.....UGH!!!!...but on the other hand, here's another opportunity to see what our faith is made of, right?! ^_^ So good!
      Thankfully we have extremely...and I mean extremely!!!...supportive and loving friends. They're helping us to keep our minds in the right place, looking forward with confidence. And in between they're supplying encouragement, money, food, and whatever else we need to keep going. ♥♥♥
      I'm supplying crocheted goods...because uhhhhh....that's all I got for now! lol

      I can't be certain, but some of the crochet 'custom orders' that are coming in right now 'might be' just another form of support, while allowing me to keep my dignity intact! :-) And if so.....THANK YOU!!!...although my dignity can take 'outright' orders too, for whatever reason!! LOL

      My friends and family know how to make me happy during stressful times though...*Ask me a Bible question that you need help with...*send someone my way that needs encouragement...or *ask me to crochet something for you!! ^_^ I'm happily distracted from my personal problems doing any, or all, of these things!!
       And if they send me a photo of them wearing something I made for them.......

      ...SCORE!!!! ^_^

      Thankfully I also have tennis this weekend, besides sunshine in the backyard. YAY!! :-) Now all we'll need for next week is a lot of newspapers (with WANT ADS), some more crochet orders..

      ...and positive smile-worthy things to focus on every day! I think we'll be just we always have been in the past. Our God has a wonderful way of taking care of us when we show that our interest is also in taking care of his interests! :-)
        Hubby is putting out the hummingbird feeder this week too! I KNOW that's gonna generate some smiles!! ^_^ ... Okay, have a good week, Y'all!! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow! :-)) We'll see what happens! LIFE has barely taken it's fingers from around my neck now!! LOL

How Can You Be So Positive

"How can you be so positive
with everything so bad?
When folks are so unkind
and all those doctors make you mad?"

"It's easy!" I assure them.
'Cuz one thing makes it okay.
I wake up every morning,
and I'm breathing every day!

When I can't move a muscle
and can barely lift my head,
I think of all the folks I've known
who now are gone, yes, dead!

No matter what my problem is,
and if I stand or lay,
I'm thankful that my mind still works
and I'm breathing every day!

So how am I so positive,
When things sometimes seem bleak?
It's easy, 'cuz my breathing
keeps on going every week!

Oh yes, I have a choice!
I can be miserable and whine;
Be mean to folks around me,
Be demanding and unkind.

But who would make that choice,
when there's a better way to be?
I mean, who's breathing every day
and writing poems?...ME! 


  1. I'm sorry Jeff is out of work again :( know Jehovah has and will continue to, take care of you!! I'm so glad you have such dear friends there and you have such a wonderful support group! That's what our brotherhood is all about! Keep your chin up and count all the blessings Jehovah has given you during stressful times and I know it'll keep you going!!
    I can't wait to get to our meeting today! Special talk!! We had an assembly last weekend, so couldn't have it then.
    Have a great rest of the day and keep smiling!!! :D

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement, Cindy, and all of your support over the years. Yes, I know we'll be okay. Jehovah always takes good care of us, come what may. We just have to have faith and keep doing what we know is right. And we will. ♥ ... We had our special talk last week. Good info, as always!! :-)

  2. Ouch! I'm sorry your hubby is out of work but I know your faith and friends will be there in these tough times. Hang in there! Still loving my tozy slippers!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Yaya! And yes, my faith, family and friends are helping to keep us in a positive state of mind. :-) ... And yay! Your tozies are still tozy!! LOL


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