Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Putting My Foot In It!

       I don't have much to talk about it today. But look at where I am still!! LOL Over here talking about nothing! Just putting my foot in it, so to speak. ^_^ And I'm sharing these 'foot photos' because I just listed both pair of these crochet slippers in my Wuglyees Etsy shop! :-)

      The ones in the header photo are blue and white, size 8. And the above slippers are black, size 10. (Just so you know though, I can do them in a lot of different sizes, 6 to 13. In other words, as long as you're not a big foot...I mean a real BIG FOOT!...I'll give it a try!! LOL)

      And the photo below came from another recipient of a pair of free drawing slippers! ^_^ 

      Hers was the last free pair on my list! :-) Now I'm making 'em for the shop! ^_^ I'm hoping somebody still wants some cozy tozies! :-)) {Sorry Yaya, I had to steal your expression. It was calling to me!! LOL}

      In other news, hubby is still on the hunt for a job that works in our schedule! It's gonna be tough this time. My health and our age is making things kinda tough! *blink, blink* We're not in panic mode or anything though....YET! ^_^ It's just a matter of time before something wonderful will show it's lovely head. We just know it!!!...And if not, we'll keep on using Scarlett O'Hara's positivity training...knowing that 'Tomorrow Is Another Day!" ^_^ By the way, tomorrow is another day...and I'll see you then! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥

Good To Be Alive

Trouble breathing, bills galore,
family problems and all that jive.
I don't care how bad it gets.
It's good to be alive!

Jobs and money, your fair share,
of which you are deprived.
But even so, no matter how it goes,
It's good to be alive!

Migraine headaches, family loss,
careers you can't revive.
Oh yes, debilitating,
and yet, still you are alive!

Injustice, fearing the worst
because of planes that don't arrive.
And while some didn't make it,
for most it's good to be alive.

While trouble in this world
will long continue, grow, and thrive,
For those who see it's end
It will be good to be alive!!


  1. Your slippers are cute. Hoping your hubs gets the perfect job very soon! I know that is a tough thing. Bless him.

    1. Thanks, Pammy Sue!!... ^_^ ...about the slippers and hubby's job! ♥


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