Thursday, April 9, 2015

When Was The Last Time......?!

      It's 4:00 a.m. in the morning as I'm typing this, and I could sure use a happy mug full of hot coffee right about now!! ^_^ Although, I almost can't remember when the last time was that I actually 'had' a cup of coffee. I'm such a green tea 'aficionado' now! :-))
      In fact, coffee isn't the only thing it's been a long time since happening around here!...It's also been a long time since hubby was sick, but guess what?....Yep!...he's sick right now! Thankfully it seems to be just a cold. He has a sore throat, a slight fever with chills, and has to be forced to drink water, take his vitamins, and relax!...Well, the other stuff besides his sore throat and fever are just him being him! LOL But the other stuff having to do with the cold is clearly no fun for him.
      He went to work yesterday though....YES HE DID! (shaking my head)...All mopey and in 'slow-mo'. ^_^ I tried to get him to take the day off, but you know how that is...telling a working husband that he needs to stay home from work for a day 'when people need him'!! ^_^ So I relegated myself to being 'nagging wife' by yelling about chicken soup, drinking his water and fluids, and vitamin C!! :-)) ... And it worked!... *Check one... ✔ ... for nagging, loving, wives everywhere!! ^_^*
      He's feeling better this morning. He just got up. "Good Morning, Honey!" :-) Now I can move on to some other things it's been a while since I looking at stuff in my activity feed on Etsy! ^_^ ...

      This little 'baby' (above)caught my eye for two reasons: I love a new place to put my jewelry, and I love an interesting box!! ^_^

       You've seen my crochet rings before...  

      ...but I don't think you've ever seen it in an Etsy Treasury!!...I know I haven't!! ^_^ ...

      It's a mostly green ring hanging out in a yellow Treasury! O_O I don't ask questions. I just say THANK YOU!! :-) And then I go off to admire some of the other things in the Treasury, like these!...

      All the pretty colors!!!! :-) And all the pretty crochet!!!...including this pattern I saw later on Etsy...

      There's a lot of work in that pattern!! If I had a little girl I'd be forced to make it!...but since I don't...I'll just Oooooo and Ahhhhhhhh! ^_^ I'll do the same over this flower blanket pattern!...

      ...and over this flower pie!...

      Hmmm...there may be a lemon pie in my future! lol Maybe a 'Date Night' request is in order!! :-) ... Okay, time to get on up and get the day started. I've got a couple of crochet orders to fill. Now, when was the last time you heard me say that?! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥


Why have I become
so addicted to your taste?
Why have I not noticed
what you're doing to my waist?

Why are you the first thought
that I have when my eyes open?
Why is your solution
part of how I now am coping?

I don't know the answers.
All I know is that I'm UP!
And I have to leave you now
and go and fill back up my cup! 


  1. I love coffee too! Can't get enough some days! BUT...I drink it straight up! calories there!!
    I love that box too! I'm also fascinated by unusual and unique boxes like that. It's awesome!
    I'm sorry Jeff is sick. That flu bug is getting a lot of people right now. Glad he listened to you, his "un-nagging" wife! :D
    Congrats on the treasury. I don't think treasuries have the same appeal as they once did, but I love to see what people find.
    As for the crochet pattern for that little girl set......AWESOME!!! That is gorgeous!! A lot of work?? It looks like it!

    I hope you get to catch up on your rest today! You want to be rested for meeting tonight! We don't have one since it's our assembly weekend.
    Have a great day!!

    1. Hi Cindy! :-) I love coffee, but I don't have any...and haven't had any for a while! A cup would sure taste good this morning though!!...And you're right about the treasuries. Even I used to do more of them, for cross-promoting and such, but now I find them just time-consuming and not very productive as far as traffic to the shop is concerned...Okay, off to take another little nappy-poo! ^_^ Enjoy your Assembly this weekend too! ♥

  2. Hope your hubby feels better soon! My hubby loves lemon anything so I'm thinking that pie would make him smile! Have a good weekend!

    1. He just blew his nose, sniffled, and said: "Thank you, Yaya." ^_^ I wish I had a piece of lemon pie to give him. :-))

  3. I received my slippers today and I love them! They are so pretty and they fit great! I'm going to blog about them tomorrow and show off your beautiful work. Thanks again Deb! You are a wonderful blog buddy!

    1. YAY!!! ^_^ And WOW! That was some fast post office work this time!! I'm so happy that you like them, and that they fit!!! I'll look forward to seeing the blog post!! Thank You so much for being so supportive of me and my work. I REALLY appreciate it more than you know!!! ♥


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