Saturday, August 29, 2015

Baby Blanket Photo Update...That Is All! :-)

     Hi Y'all! :-] It's been a long day, and I don't have much left on my mind. I'm just about talked 'out!' :-)) So, I'll save my real talking for tomorrow...after all of my thoughts relocate back to their organized mental positions! LOL
     For right now I just wanted to share the new photos I took of the hooded baby blanket...all laid out!

     I was thankful for the better light outside the window today. It was really good all day. (Must've been 'showing off' for the new Super Moon that was due tonight! ^_^ ... By the way, did anybody see it?!!)

     Now...I could regale you with the New Haven Connecticut women's final tennis tournament scores today, or with my hubby's ongoing cooking saga (today it was beef roast, baked and then fried! O_O *shaking my head*, or I could go on and on about the new tote bag I'm crocheting...with a big metal hoop in it's bottom! ^_^ But I won't!!! I'm tired and it's time to go to bed!! LOL
     Goodnight Bloggers!! :-) Or as Scarlett O'Hara would say: "Tomorrow is another day!!" ^_^ I'll see you then!!


I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna flutter...move real slow.
Wanna wander...mind and body.
Not be fast, and 'on the go'.

I'm feeling like I need
a quiet day to hang around.
Have everything wrapped up,
and just block out surrounding sound.

I'm feeling butterfly-ish.
Wanna lay in bed till noon.
Wanna have some time to morph.
Need a tree and a cocoon.

Tomorrow they'll be time
to change and modify.
To spread my wings, add color,
like a brand new butterfly.

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