Monday, August 31, 2015

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag!...But Not Mine!!

     So, here I am again!! ^_^ But I have to apologize to you that I'm not back with my finished crochet tote bag!...Sorry. I had a glitch in the plan and ended up visiting with some friends, and watching tennis instead. ^_^ (Go, U.S. Open!!!)
     But I 'AM' sharing a tote bag!!! Just not mine! ^_^ This rainbow tote is from another shop on etsy. When I saw it I smiled! :-) And, of course, if it causes a smile it's worthy for the blog, right?! ^_^

      I love that it has all of that wonderful color! And all of that wonderful texture! And all of that wonderful slouchy style!! ^_^ And a FLOWER!! :-) 
      My tote bag is all green. But this bag is making me think...maybe my bag needs a colorful flower too!...Don't you love it when you get inspired from someone else's creations?! ^_^ Hopefully I can finish mine tomorrow...if there's no other distractions!...besides tennis I mean. LOL Or hummingbirds!!
      The hummingbirds have been 'swarming' the feeder! I can't tell if there's a big battle going on, or a big date trying to be made! ^_^ They were very entertaining for my visitors too! It was like having a wildlife episode right outside the window while we were talking! :-) Although, there was a lot of repeating of conversation in between shrieks of: "Did you see that?!!!"...and..."Here they come again!!!" ^_^ 

    Okay...time for dinner and the night session of the U.S. Open! Serena Williams is playing!! :-] Have a good one, Everybody. See you the hummingbird flies! ♥ :-)


It feels good to be awake!
Eyes wide open. Brain cells too!
Now my mind and eyes need focus.
Let's go find something to do!


  1. Dear Debbie!

    Thank you very much that you have advertised my slouchy bag on your blog page.
    I wish you the best for your work. You create beautiful crocheted items.



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