Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sooooo...What Are Your Leftovers Of Summer?!

     Okay...so the backyard flowers may NOT look quite as beautiful as this right now!! :-)) But the photos of them...which were leftover in the camera back a while ago, in the early summer when hubby took them, are quite a beautiful leftover of summer. Don't you think?! ^_^

    They were a lot nicer to look at this morning than the rainy darkness that I woke up to!! Grrrr! "GO AWAY!!!!" {No need to quote the rest of the poem to the rain. You know 'Rain, Rain, Go........!' That rain knows exactly who I'm talking to!!! Grrrrrr!}

     Rainy days are a good time to do some other things though. Like re-organizing your organizing! ^_^ And that's what I'm doing today. Actually I should say 'that's what I'm continuing to do today'! I started it yesterday.
     For some reason all of my little places where I keep my stuff keep getting MORE stuff!! LOL You know, the little box I keep next to the bed with my 'get-it-quick' stuff in it that I always need to get my hands on quick which use to have just my extra crochet needles, floss, tape measurer, stamps, hand lotion, emery board, nail clippers, etc...now also has batteries, safety pins, rubber bands, a calculator, a hair scrunchy, keys, etc...UGH!
       I was watching Peter Walsh on Rachel Ray the other day...you know, the guy that helps people organize...and he said something that I thought was rather 'Organizer-Profound'. He held up a fork and said: 'If you found this fork in your house while you were somewhere else besides in the kitchen, you would know exactly where to take it back to! Everything in your house should be the same way. It should have a home. Somewhere that you know it belongs!'
      Thus....my organizing!! ^_^ I'm trying to give all of my 'STUFF' a home!! LOL Needless to say.....I'm beginning to think Peter Walsh needs to get out of my head!!! ^_^

     In other news: I finished a crochet sweater, hat, and booties set for a 6-month to one-year-old (or there about that age! ^_^).

     If I can get out of my 'mad-organizer' mind some time today I'm gonna list it in my wuglyees etsy shop. :-]

     I would love some feedback on it though!...Would you buy something like this as a gift?!! 

     Okay...I'm off to ORGANIZE!!!...something other than my typing fingers and my mind!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody!! ♥


Big rocks of life, important things,
decisions in your prime,
require the best that you can give;
Deserve the choicest of your time.

We have to go to work;
and everyone needs time to play;
But without priorities
the speed of time will take your day.

And if you don't believe it,
try this trick, with rocks and sand;
Put rocks into a bucket.
Then fill the sand in, hand by hand.

Now, empty out your bucket,
and then fill it all back up.
But this time, put the sand in first,
the same sand, cup by cup.

The thing that you will find
is that you don't now have the room!
Putting rocks back in is now like
putting a baby back in the womb.

The rocks are goals, priorities,
the important things to you.
The sand can be most anything,
even recreation too.

Yes, Such is the challenge
when you're managing your time.
That's why Big Rocks come first!
They help prioritize the climb.


  1. I need to take a lesson from you....organizing! I'm terrible at that!!
    I absolutely adore that little baby set!! By all means, list it!! It's so cute and could be good for either sex too!
    You've inspired me....I will work on organizing................tomorrow (procrastinator coming out again!) LOL

    1. Ha! Ha!...YOU?...A procrastinator?!...Nahhhhh! ^_^ But a little organizer never hurt anyone, right! :-)) I'm looking at my 'STUFF' and feeling pretty good about everything being in it's place today!...Now, I just have to KEEP it there!!! LOL ... And I just listing my baby set too! I hope somebody thinks it's cute...and soon!! I'm trying to put some money together for bills. Every little bit counts!! ^_^ ... Have a good rest of the evening, Cindy!! ♥

  2. What a cute set! That'll make someone very happy! I love the flowers. Save those pics for the snowy days!
    Trish - tales from trish

    1. Thank you so much, Trish!! :-) And I'll take your suggestion about the flowers! Something tells me that our New England winter will need some pretty flowers to look at in order to get through it!! ^_^


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