Monday, August 31, 2015

Say "Hello!" To Monday....And To The Continuing Saga Of My New Bag!!

     I know it doesn't look like much. :-)) But I think that might be because of my photos!...*That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL*...The truth be told, it's a really substantial tote bag! In fact, it's TWO tote bags, one within the other. Uhhhh...I just couldn't do that lining thing again. I JUST COULDN"T!!! LOL
      There's also a large metal ring crocheted into the base of the bag too, so that the bottom will always sit flat on the ground, or wherever you sit it, and it'll be wide open in the bottom. :-) 

     I have to do the handles for it today. I've already consulted with my 'resident-man-on-hand' about whether the handles should be like a tote bag, or like a shoulder bag. He says: 'Shoulder bag'. 

     I'm also gonna put one of these brooches on the side too. You know, to 'spiff' it up! ^_^ ...

     Stay tuned to the finished product!! ^_^ I may be back later today to show it to you ALL DONE!! :-)

     In other news: Hubby dated himself today by coming into the room and saying...after being in the mirror looking at the hair coming out of his ears..."I look like a box full of Tribbles!!" Ha! Ha! Ha! I almost fell out on the floor!!!! LOL
      Now, unless you watched 'Star Trek' back in the late 1960s the whole 'Tribbles' thing might go over your head, but it didn't go over my head...I'm OLD!!! ^_^ And the reference to them and my hubby's ear hair is F-U-N-N-Y!!!!!! LOL...But, truthfully, his ear hair is only that bad in his mind. I almost don't even notice it when I turn over in bed at night....except for that 'swooshy' muffled sound when he turns in my direction and his 'Tribble' hits me in the face!! ^_^  (just kidding!!!)

      And in other's U.S. Open tennis tournament time starting today!!! ^_^ Can you see the big smile on my face? Can you hear the band playing? Can you see me running around my house with my tennis racket in one hand, and a bottle of pain killers in the other?! :-))

      Okay...that's enough silly for now. I'll be back later!! ^_^

Do You Play?!

I had some 'Play Time' in my youth,
back when my hips could take the heat.
I couldn't wait to find someone
that I could race, chase down, or beat!

How many times did I 'Hopscotch',
play some marbles, skip a rock?
And a game of 'Tag' could go
until I couldn't see the clock!

All my games were very active.
So much energy, People! WOW?!
But things have changed. It's different,
because I'm so much older now!

I still have 'Play Time' at my age,
but the games are slow and rare.
I like board games, playing cards,
things you do right from your chair.

The games I watch can't be too long.
I'll fall asleep! I'm kind of nod-dy.
And I have to use my mind.
No running round now with this body.

I play with things like yarn,
and with hooks...even thread.
And I play with pen and pencil,
pulling poems from my head.

Whichever way, I have to play!
It's my excuse to have a laugh.
I just have to keep it slow.
Don't want a charlie-horse in my calf!    


  1. can't wait to see it all done and ready to be used :)
    Trish - tales from trish

    1. Thank you, Trish! :-] Well, maybe it'll be tomorrow....I hope! ^_^ What are you working on, besides your cute black and white afghan I mean?!...Your UN-photographed work in progress? :-)


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