Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Nap, Mustard, And All That Kind Of Stuff!


     This duvet cover almost talked to me last night when I saw it! It was saying: "Napping......under water, sorta kinda......YES"! ^_^ 


      What a wonderful way to combine bedding with photography with napping! :-] And I have one out of the three things mastered!...Guess which one! LOL

      If you're looking for a 'cutesy' all pulled together blog post....uhhhh...sorry! :-)) This is not that blog!!...This blog is just a mish-mosh of things that are on my mind to mention, before I forget! ^_^ Unfortunately I've been doing a lot of that lately...forgetting, I mean. 
      So here goes...


      My little lapel pin was chosen for Shlomit's Etsy treasury!! :-) I was flattered and thankful. My little lapel pins don't see the light of day much anymore...


      I haven't been making many of them because I have soooooo many still in my 'expire' section of my shop! :-( I really need to start selling some things or else my whole reason for being online is gonna go away!
      I wouldn't be doing this much talking online if it wasn't for my wuglyees Etsy shop...I don't think. I mean, who wants to hear me going on and on about what I had for breakfast and what animals are in my backyard, without an occasional crochet project or showing off some of my fellow Etsian's shop items?!....Huh?!
      Let's see!....Yesterday I ate a lot of these...

      ...and over the weekend I watched a lot of football...

      ...and after the rooms were rearranged, my crochet projects all had a nice place to reside. :-] Even Shequita (my bald head model) had a place to hang out!! ^_^

      Wait a minute! O_O I started talking about crochet stuff, didn't I?!.....So, there you go! I cannot talk without mentioning crocheting!...And a normal 'Wug' day, that would also include  napping, poetry, or music! :-) So, needless to say...I need to get-to-selling some stuff, or else I'm gonna have to change some things!...It's very expensive paying taxes, fees, and buying yarn, when I'm not selling anything!!!

      Oh Yeah...here's one of the 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves I'm working on right now! ^_^ 



      Okay...time for a nap! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

A Crafty Group

T-Shirts showing pictures,
and the pillows with some too;
Artistic framed creations
done of vegetables and fruit.

Beaded wire-made bracelets;
Things vintage and brand new;
Penguins on a lunch bag;
and, of course, there's flowers too.

Plushy toys and hats;
Kittens, pottery and rings.
Painted yarn and thread;
Priced for paupers, fit for kings.

Reusable, recycled,
some refashioned, now called "green";
No plastic for the landfill,
Just some bags fit for a Queen.

Men's ties that now are 'handles';
Star-shaped soap, a purse with birds.
Wood crafts all hand-painted.
Retro T-Shirts, done with words.

With all the crafts and talent;
place-mats, quilts, and lots of fun,
It's a group of happy people;
every daughter, mom, and son. 

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