Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday...To You!


      Yes, it's an owl! :-) But not an owl necklace (like in yesterday's post)! It's a cute owl cozy!!!...followed, below, by a cute butterfly cozy! ^_^ ...


      These were a couple of the cute etsy items I mentioned to you yesterday that I wanted to share with you....Not because I have some kind of cup cozy obsession or anything! :-)) But because I love sharing the creativity of my fellow etsians! ^_^

      Since yesterday I found a couple more cuties to share too! ^_^ OF COURSE!!


      And since I don't have much else to talk about today......please just look....enjoy......and smile if you want to! :-)




      I really love the yarn bag above!!!...I ascribe to it's message too...whole-heartedly!! ^_^ In fact I just finished a purple scarf, and started a custom hat for a neighbor! :-) Nobody puts my crochet hook...or my crochet yarn...or my gnarled up crochet fingers...in a corner!! LOL
      The truth is, I was trying to get a lot of items ready for the craft show that was suppose to take place in December...but yesterday...*sigh*...I was told that it's been cancelled. :-( Something about legalities...blah! blah! blah!...But did that slow me down or stop me from crocheting?!.....Nooooooooo! ^_^
      I have to find some way to get all of this crochet stuff sold though!!! O_O So if you have any suggestions....I'm open!!...H-E-L-P!!! ^_^ Between the 'expired' items, and the ones listed in my wuglyees shop, I have over 450 items that need a new home!! Make me a good offer for all of it and it's yours!! :-)
      Okay...I have a custom hat calling my name! ♥ Have a good rest of your Tuesday, Everybody!!

I Like A Cuppa

I find I like a 'Cuppa' soup
when it's chilly out the door;
And I like a 'Cuppa' tea
every day around four.

And I like a 'Cuppa' coffee...
not a decaf 'Cuppa'...NO!...
any time of day or night
I like my steaming 'Cuppa' Joe!      


  1. Sorry the show fell through. I have at least...probably more jewelry in my shop and expired myself. I know what you mean. I think my shop will be ending in the future. I will put it all in my website shop and hope for the best. Hope things pick up for you soon. It's hard to stay interested, isn't it.

    1. Thanks, Cindy...I'm sorry too. But such is life in this old world, right! We just have to take a deep breath...and move on!! There's was such good news during the branch meeting....Yes, I saw it today! ^_^ ...that I'm not gonna let a lack of sales in a craft show sway me much!...Anyway, hubby just sold 4 scarves offline! :-) At least some of my products are moving!! :-) ... I'm so glad you have your website still 'ticking'! At least you have somewhere to get some positive output! I'm focusing more of my energies offline now. I just don't have the kind of time I apparently need to sit online showing off crochet products that hardly anybody is seeing anyway!! ^_^ I mean...when would I make the products to sell?!...It's a dilemma I've decided to weigh more in the crochet department, rather than the marketing department. I'm letting hubby do the selling more now. Works for me!! ^_^ ... Have a good night, Bead! ♥

  2. Thank you so much, Debbie! I'll share your blog across my other social media accounts.

    1. It was entirely my pleasure, Sharon! ♥ And thank you for the traffic across your social media outlets too. Clearly...I can use it!! ^_^

  3. You have wonderful talent Deb and I hope you can find a place to sell your items. It's hard to see all the work that goes into handiwork that's as beautiful as yours and not see a good reward. Hang in there, December usually finds folks looking for something special! Have a good rest of this week!

    1. Awwwwwww! ♥ Thank you, Yaya!...And I hope you're right about the upcoming months. Although, I've seen a marked difference in people's spending habits since last year. In fact, last December was very slow for me too! We'll just have to wait and see, I guess! I'm keeping it positive! ^_^


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