Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's A 'Pink' Kind Of Day!

      There's not much going on around here, except that Daylight Savings Time has occurred. And for our area that means that none of the daylight is being saved from occurring earlier than normal around here anymore!! LOL It's getting dark so early in the evening now! Like, around five-ish!! O_O
      All of those lovely pink hues of a late evening sunset...*sigh*...gone! Oh well, I'll just have to find my pink hues in other places!...

      Look at the lovely pink hues on the redpoll bird in the header photo, and on the ballet dancer's tutu in the beautiful watercolor print above. :-] 

      I'm working with some pink hues of my own...scarf-wise. :-] The scarf I was working on yesterday is all done now...

      And I've already started another one! ^_^ This one is gonna be in two shades of pink, and white. And it's superbly soft too!! In fact the baby pink is a kind of fuzzy soft yarn...

      I love having soft scarves next to my face and skin in the wintertime. Don't you?!...

      The crochet hook I'm using is the new bamboo crochet hook I got in the mail today...size 'P' (17). It's the size of my old wooden crochet hook that I was using as my scarf-making hook...the one I can't find! Grrrr!
      The only thing I don't like about this hook is that the handle isn't long enough for me. I didn't realize it until now, but with my arthritis flaring up from time to time...including today!...having the longer hook was a way of resting the other part of my hand somehow...Don't try to get me to explain it, because I can't!! LOL I don't know how my hands 'work'. I just know how they feel when I crochet the wrong way for any period of time....OUCH!!
      Unless I find my old 'Go To' wooden crochet hook pretty soon, I fear that it might take a bit longer for this 'pink-hued' baby to get finished!...

      As with all things I talk about on this blog...I'll keep you posted! ^_^

      By the way, there was no pink in this treasury anywhere, but I still wanna show it to you...

      ...because the curator was thoughtful enough to add my beaded button crochet brooch to it! :-) ... THANK YOU!! ♥

      There's no other news to report. There have been no more coyote sightings. No mother-in-law moving in....YET! And no new dinner concoctions from hubby's kitchen! ^_^ There also have still been no sales in my wuglyees Etsy shop!! Ugh!........A pink grapefruit mimosa sounds good about now!! LOL


Daylight, you bring such happiness,
shining on the Autumn hues.
And when you're gone, you leave more darkness,
bringing on some moody blues.

How could some light, or lack of it,
have me waxing poetic rhyme,
wishing for a place with celestial money,
so I could buy some Daylight Saving Time?!


  1. I know what you mean about no sales in the Etsy Shops, me either in either one of my shops. Who knows maybe one of your readers here will find something they can't live without. Thank you so much Deb for including my Original WaterColor Ballerina Painting here in your pink post. How fun.
    peace n abundance,

    1. I know!...What's up with the sales now anyway, huh?! O_O I'm already looking for new ways to sell offline because I can't afford to sit around and just make stuff to house!! LOL And your beautiful work certainly needs to be seen and sold!! ^_^

  2. Thank you for featuring my Redpoll in your awesome blog!!!!

    1. The pleasure was all mine, Michele! ♥


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