Monday, November 17, 2014

Etsy 'Cuties'........As Promised!

      As the weather men promised, the rain came in overnight....and it kept coming.....and coming! It rained all morning today, right into the afternoon. It's still coming down full-force right now, and is suppose to continue until after 8p.m.!!! O_O...Ugh! It's been dark skies and chilliness all day! Thanks, Mr. Rain!!! Grrrrr!
      That's why the beautiful beam of sun coming up over the lavender field in the header photo I'm sharing today caught my eye!...Thank you, Etsy shop owner! :-)

      Also, as promised, here are the Etsy 'cuties' I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to show you today!...

      When I saw this owl case (above), my mind went into "You-Think-You're-So-Funny!' mode. Why?...Because the first thing I thought was: "How cute!! Now, with it in this case, if your phone rings, you can think: 'Who...?' and look at your phone and see: 'Hoo' it is!!" :-)) ... Okay! it wasn't that funny!! ^_^ But it 'is' cute!!

       And speaking of cute, below are the other 'cuties' I mentioned! :-) I'm not gonna do a lot of talking about each one...but you know I 'could'!! ^_^ Just enjoy!!...

      I finished a black scarf early this morning, and I'm working on a black hooded cowl wrap right now. Then it'll be baby hats galore! :-] ... 'Big Head' baby hats! LOL I found out yesterday that a two-year-old toddler's head is 90 % the size of what it will be as an adult!!! O_O AMAZING!!!!...And my facebook friends agreed with this!!! ^_^ ...Well... it explains a lot!.....For instance, the reason they're called 'toddlers'!! LOL The size of that head could be the reason they're toddling!!!!......well......I'll leave the rest of the conversation about that right there! ^_^ can continue among yourselves if you want to!!! LOL
      Me and hubby joke all the time about our 'wobbly-headed' children...children that we don't have now, but that we just know would be 'wobbly-headed' if we had any!! LOL...And don't you dare laugh at our would-be children's inheritance of our big heads either!!!! LOL...I'm just gonna put an extra inch or two on those crocheted baby hats from now on!! LOL

      Okay....carry on! ^_^ And have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥


is what the clouds give to the sky;
It's what a tear gives to an eye;
and why 'Spring' growth knows 'Fall' must die.

is when abundance can be good;
and when you give more than you should;
because the world's your neighborhood.

is what the flower gives to the bee;
It's what the waves give to the sea;
and it's what you all give to me!

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