Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello November!...And Thanks For Not Bringing Snow...YET!

      Winter is the time for snow, right?!!...So imagine my surprise when the news people, last night, said that we might be getting a little snow overnight. O_O ... SNOW?!!!...NOW?!!!!...It's November! It's not December or January, when you would expect it to snow!!!...But I guess when you're the weather, you can do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it!! LOL So....Hello November!! ^_^  
      The good thing is that I'm looking at the ground outside in the backyard this morning and....YAY!...there's no snow! :-) Apparently we got a reprieve! LOL It's a good thing too! We don't need to be dealing with snow and the rearranging of rooms in our house, all at the same time!! 
      Yes, rearranging...*deep breath*...Hubby's mom is having some issues with the house, and living there by herself, so we're trying to get my craft/office room converted to a real working bedroom, so that if she comes to live with us, which I'm hoping she will because I'm really worried about her now, she'll have somewhere to call her own.
      We don't want her to feel like she's imposing on us, but with all of my yarn, sell-able items, and supplies, staring her in the face, how could she not feel that way?! O_O So, they must go! Relocated to.......uhhhhh.....that's the dilemma we're battling. Right now they're coming out of that room and some is here, there, and everywhere!
      Hopefully by the end of the day....*Okay, maybe that's wishful thinking. Let's say by the end of the week!* bedroom will look like a comfortable bedroom again, and all of my craft stuff...and all of the other stuff we now have found again! ^_^...will be somewhere easy to retrieve, and not in the way!!

      Isn't this wonderful Sunday talk! ^_^ Well, let's move on, shall we!...I have a couple of cuties to show you!...

      I saw both of these when I looked through the things my favorite Etsy shops were posting lately. :-) Pretty cute, right?!

      Speaking of pretty cute, remember when I made this criss cross convertible wrap for my girlfriend...

      Well...I may be making another one! But this time with a modification to how you wear it, so that it stays on easier!
      I'll keep you posted! ^_^ For now, some crocheting and reading is calling my name! :-] And maybe some warm soup!...I mean this is winter, isn't it?! LOL Maybe not, but November seems to be a little confused about that!! :-)) Have a good rest of the weekend, Y'all! ♥

Winter Is The Snow

Winter is the snow,
when the chilly breezes blow,
and the clouds all seem to flow,
and the birds, in flight, will go,
with their ducks all in a row-
but they leave behind the crow.

Winter is the snow,
when the farmer doesn't sow,
and its not the time to hoe,
and there's nothing left to mow,
'cause the seed, right now, won't grow.

Winter is the snow,
and the little baby doe,
with his mama's eyes aglow,
and defensiveness in tow,
'cause she's had her share of woe.

The ducks, the farmer, and the doe
respect the season, 'cause they know
that winter is the snow.


  1. Wow, this is the coolest thing having my rooster pillow on the top of this fun post. Thank you so much Debbie for including my links. If anyone is interested and would like to buy a pillow or two (or anything else) just mention that you came from "The Wug's Backyard" and I'll take off 20%. I love your wrap that you are creating. It looks so warm and comfortable. Have a great November and I hope the snow holds out till December like it's suppose too.

  2. ^_^ it was entirely my pleasure to share your cute rooster pillow!! I only wish I could've heard him crowing this morning. I might've been more awake when the rearranging started! LOL And thank you for giving my blog readers a little discount too!! ♥ Have a good rest of the day!


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