Friday, September 4, 2015

Forsythia and Crochet 'Packing Peanuts'?!

     The backyard was made a bit more beautiful yesterday with the wild growth of the yellow and green forsythia flower bush, buzzing bumble bees, air dancing hummingbirds, and sunshine everywhere! :-)

     The air was kinda heavy with humidity, but I didn't notice it much...or at all!...because I didn't go out in it!! ^_^ I was comfortably behind my window panes, and in front of the air conditioner! :-) LOVE air conditioned goodness. LOVE IT!!! 

     When you're a crazy crocheting fool, like I am, air conditioning during a summer heat wave becomes a good friend...sort of like chocolate is. Well.....chocolate is a different kind of friend, but I think you get my drift! ^_^

     Speaking of crocheting.....because that appears to be all I have to talk about these days, besides backyards and hummingbirds! ^_^ friend left me a bag of random yarn. Some of it is just YUCKY!!! ^_^ I would not spend good money on it....or bad money for that matter!! But, for some crazy reason (that my brain is not savvy enough to explain to me!) I am determined to make something out of every since ball of this yarn!! ^_^
      Two balls of it were like colorful 'packing peanuts'. You know, the Styrofoam filler that you put in your shipping box to keep your item secure. I was almost at a loss as to what I was gonna do with it until my friend said: "Maybe you can make a scarf for my little girl with it....OR SOMETHING!!" ... Hmmmmmm! :-) it's not gonna be the cutest little girl scarf you've ever seen!...but it's sure gonna be the softest!! It's so comfy cozy!!! :-)

     I actually finished the whole scarf late last night while I was watching the 'BEAT DOWN' that 'Petra Cetkovska gave Caroline Wozniacki' at the U. S. Open (Tennis, Y'all! ^_^) I put a row of crochet scallops on either end of the scarf to up the cute factor! :-) 
     I didn't have the right lighting to photograph it. Nor did I want to! (just saying! LOL) Maybe I will today though. We'll see. :-)

     Also in the bag was a large ball of this thick, thick yarn!! I made a short circular neck scarf out of it, and this MONSTER flower!! ^_^ ...

     It's the perfect size flower to hold one of my ceramic buttons! :-) ...

     How large is this flower, you ask?!....Okay, you didn't ask. I asked for you!! LOL.....Well, I took a photograph of it right next to my 16 ounce jar of peanut butter!!! LOL

      The real question is: "What am I gonna do with a MONSTER flower?!" O_O Uhhhhh....give it away!!! LOL Somebody must want it....for something! Right?! O_O

     I still have some more yarn to go, from my friend's bag. Some variegated blue, and some white 'packing peanuts' yarn. I'm working on a hat from the blue right now, and I think I'm gonna make a 'grown people' scarf from the white. Only time will tell! But, if I get inspired to, I'll photograph it so you can see. If not, you'll know I'm not that happy with it and I'm hiding it in the 'never-to-be-seen-again' bin!! ^_^ 

     So, that's all I got today...unless I come back later to show off my finished projects. :-] Oh Yeah, and It's 'virtual' Friday Date Day too. Woohoo!!!!...Let me see now, is that it?!...You know how hard it is to get a talkative girl to 'SHUT HER MOUTH' for good!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around!


  1. I'm open to soft but not so cute! Lol and I love that huge flower!
    Trish - tales from trish

    1. You'd be the perfect person for these items then!! ^_^ But you can make cuter things for yourself! ♥ :-)


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