Saturday, September 5, 2015

This Bag Full Of Yarn Is About Done!!!

     Before I start talking about yarn and crochet projects...which 'YOU KNOW' I'm gonna do!...let me talk about my tiny 'beaked bird helicopters', the hummingbirds. ^_^ Of course I'm always talking about them, but this time I've got pictures to go with all of the hype!! LOL
     If you look in the header photo, to the right, above the yellow forsythia bush, and below the bottom line of the hummingbird feeder, you can see one of them! :-) ... Okay! You can't completely see him! But you can see his little black and white marked tail! Can't you?!...Can't you?!!! O_O

     Yes, I know it's kinda hard to ignore all of that yellow forsythia!! ^_^ But you HAVE TO ignore it if you wanna see my little hummingbird baby!! :-) 

      My girlfriend came by with her animal loving son, and  he was happy to ignore the forsythia in order to see the hummingbird! :-) Unfortunately, all he could see was it's little tail hanging from underneath the feeder....UNTIL we told him the trick! ^_^  
     The trick is to get really close to the window and then jiggle the window blind!...because we've trained our hummingbirds to come to the window and say hello to us when we move the window blind! ^_^ Okay! they're not really coming just to say hello! They're actually used to my hubby putting new nectar in the feeder when it gets low. :-) They LOVE to see him coming!!
     Anyway, when the window blind is jiggled, this is what you get!... get a curious hummingbird, wondering who you are, and why you're so short! LOL (My husband is over six-feet tall. ^_^) Of course me, I was wondering something too!....I was wondering how long it had been since my window pane had been washed! O_O ... OOPS!!

      Moving on!! ^_^ ... These are the projects from my girlfriend's bag of 'INTERESTING' yarn. O_O The short circular neck scarf... 

     ... The variegated blue hat...

     I just this moment realized that I didn't take a photo of the finished hat!! Ugh! O_O And I'm not stopping my stream of blog thought to snatch the hat off of Shequita's (my head model) head to take a photo of it either!!

     You'll just have to imagine it, all variegated blue, with rings of blue and white near the bottom. :-))

     Too bad I didn't try that 'imagine this' trick with this 'packing peanuts' yarn scarf!! LOL...

     What do you think? the ruffles at the bottom make it look at least a little bit girlie?!

     Anyway...that's it!! :-) Of course, Saturday has just begun. Who knows what I'll have to talk about tomorrow!! LOL Stay tuned....or not. I'll still be talking to somebody!! ^_^

You Probably Don't Care!

I know you probably don't care,
but I will tell you anyway!
I mean, I have to talk about it.
It's what I do most every day!

I know you have your own things going,
and my things? You could care less.
But I have to spill it, talk,
share, converse, chat, or confess.

Don't you have some days like that,
when you just 'let down your hair'?
Well, today was that for me,
and it's okay if you don't care!

As you see, it didn't stop me.
I'm still talking, cracking wise.
You don't have to read about it.
You can cover up over your eyes!

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