Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Didn't Even Know What To Call It!!!

      It's another one of  those 'A rose by any other name smells as sweet' type of things. ^_^ And yes, I'm talking about the 'thing' in the header photo! ^_^ My girlfriend thought the last of her white and maroon 'packing peanuts' yarn...from the bag of yucky yarn I've been talking about for a few days now!...might make a cute.....uhhh....shoulder thingee! ^_^ You know the thing you can wear over your shoulders to cut the chill on a cold day, or to match your cute dress that has a neckline that's too low! :-) (You know what I mean, ladies!!)

     I wasn't sure if this yarn could ever make a really cute...ANYTHING!! LOL But I was wrong...I'm happy to admit! :-) It came out really, really cute!! I wish I had a model to put it on, so that I could take a picture of it being worn!

     It's still really thick, and really hard to crochet with, but...thankfully!...I don't have any more of it!!!!! ...***doing the happy dance about that too!! ^_^ ***

     I do still have some of the blue, and some thinner white yarn, to work on. I'm gonna be making a smaller hat for one of my girlfriend's daughters. Then......DONE with the 'ugly'!! ^_^ And as happy as I am to be finishing this bag of 'ugly' yarn, I'm getting a very satisfied feeling from the fact that it's not yarn that's being wasted, or put in a bag in the back of a closet somewhere! It has become two crochet hats, a monster brooch, a scarf, and a capelet. YES!!! Capelet!! That's what it's called!! ^_^
       You know how I found out that it was called a 'capelet'?!...I went onto Etsy's site to try to see if I could find others to share with you. :-) I searched 'crochet shoulder shawls' and saw some beautiful 'thingees'.....which they were calling capelets!! ^_^ Then I searched capelets and found a lot more of them that looked sorta like mine!! ^_^ Wanna see some of the work of these talented Etsians?!...Here you go!...

      Very cute, right?! :-)

     Okay...I'm off to finish watching my tennis match. Serena Williams versus Madison Keys. And it's a good one too!! :-) Have a good rest of the weekend, Y'all!! ^_^ ♥

     By the way, in case any of you were thinking of looking around in my shop (wuglyees), I wanted to let you know that I put my shop in vacation mode for a few days. I'll open it back up soon though. No worries. :-) 


Do you find that you have lulls?
Times when life just has no 'Pings!'
Times when all that you've been planning
has been done! ... and nothing 'sings!'

You don't know what you should do.
Taking naps seem so sublime!
Knowing, when you look around,
that No! You haven't wasted time!

Lots of things have all been done.
But many things that you could do.
But nothing 'Pings': "Let's do this next!!"
The lull just gets the best of you.

Right now I'll try to ride the wave.
No expectation. Just relax.
Keep flipping books for inspiration.
Enjoying colors, brights and blacks.

Soon I know I'll be off again,
deeply engrossed in some new thing.
I'll get such satisfaction from it.
And that familiar little...'Ping!'


  1. Hello! Very cute capelets. Thank you!
    I am ONiksShop from Etsy 😊

    1. I thought so too!! :-] Crocheters know how to do it!! ♥ Have a good day!!


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