Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How Are Sisters Suppose To Act Anyway?!!

     Do you have sisters?!...If so, how do you get along with them?...The reason I'm asking is because I was impressed by the display of sister-love between Serena and Venus Williams last night (Tuesday night) after their tennis match. ♥ 
     They really went at each other on the court!! I mean, extremely powerful serves, forehands, backhands, slices and lobs were flying!! ^_^ Serena won the first set. Venus won the second set. And the third set was ultimately won by the better player...Serena. {Sorry. I forgot to say: SPOILER ALERT! ^_^}
     But as great as the tennis was to watch between them, the display of their obvious love for one another, which was shown as they met at the net after the match was over, was even better! Especially since the biggest smile and hug came from the one who lost!! (Venus) ^_^ She squeezed and hugged her little sister and mouthed the words: 'I'm so proud of you!'
     Is this the way sisters, who have been lifetime competitors and each other's best friends, suppose to act?!...The truth is, who knows!! They're a rare breed, siblings in professional competition with each other. {The only other siblings I can think of, with the same level of success, are the football quarterbacks, Payton and Eli Manning.} 
     I would like to think that this 'is' the way sisters are suppose to act!! :-) Love for your sister shouldn't be altered by your profession or money. Love should just be LOVE, right?!! ♥ ... Unfortunately, I'm embarrassed to say that the one time I had to play against my younger sister {we played basketball for rival High School teams} was not all about love!... ***holding my head down low*** I was the older sister and I just wanted to beat her!!!! And I did!! ^_^ I've grown up a lot since then...thankfully!!! :-)
     I don't even wanna think about how difficult the situation would've been if me and my sister had news press in our faces with prying questions and microphones!! O_O ***shaking my whole body*** Nah! Let's not think about that!!! LOL Let's just share a song for the girls!! ^_^

         Moving on!! ^_^ ... I wanna show you my latest projects!!...starting with a mint green pair of mittens!...

     Actually, I didn't start this project with the intention of making a pair of mint green mittens! All I wanted to do was work a mitten pattern up to a certain point, so that I could check out whether it worked well for my girlfriend whose trying to make a pair of mittens for her son. (Her gauge kept coming out too big and she wanted to know if it was possible to work the pattern with less stitches...As it turns out, the answer for this pattern is NO! Not with the yarn and hook she's using anyway.)

     As you can see in the above photo, it does work up into a really cute mitten though, when you follow the pattern exactly! ^_^ And now that I've made one really cute mitten...I might as well make the other one, right?! ^_^ So...I will!

       In other news, the last project...or at least I 'think' it's the last!...the striped hat, is all done! :-)

     If I have enough yarn left I'm gonna make a flower or two to go with it later today...but that's it! :-) Then it'll be onward and upward to the next sister act, tennis match, or crochet project of love!! ^_^ You're welcome to come along if you like!! ♥


Sisters-on the family curve
sometimes just get on your nerve;
But, sisters will a purpose serve,
they will your life preserve.

Sisters-sometimes they're at war;
and sometimes they "do" go to far.
All sisters want to be the star-
not follow where you are!

Sisters-they don't care a bit!
When fighting they will never quit!
But, sisters, all your jokes they get;
and, when with you, they fit!

Sisters-are your family.
Sisters, see the things you see;
Sisters, knew the girl you'd be,
and set your spirit free.

Sisters-beside you they live;
and sometimes drain you, like a sieve;
But sisters, their last dime will give,
and will your bad forgive.

Sisters-no one else can knock;
and wow!-the memories they unlock.
A sisters smile can stop the clock-
'cause sisters "They Just Rock!"

Parents-with the seasons flow.
Boyfriends-they will come and go.
Brothers-by your side will grow.
But, sisters ease your woe;
and one shared heart you know.     


  1. I wish I knew how sisters are supposed to get along. One of my sisters is "estranged" as you know, and the other is 27 years younger than me. I have no idea....but I wish I knew....

    1. I know EXACTLY what you're saying, Cindy!! Unfortunately sometimes things between sisters isn't what it's suppose to be...and even when everybody hopes it will's still a shot in the dark and a lot of love poured on it!! ^_^ Just keep pouring love on it, my sister, until the times comes when all that will be left is lots of love! ^_^ ♥ In the meantime...I'm your sister!! ♥ And I love you dearly!!! :-]


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