Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Scoop-Thumb' And 'Roll-Along' IN THE HOUSE!!

      Happy Wednesday, (Hump Day) Everybody! :-) Although, NOT such a happy Wednesday for hubby and I so far!...We woke up to the sound of pelting rain on the windows, and joints that were screaming in pain!!...Ours!!...O-U-C-H!!!
      Waking up to joints screaming in pain is nothing new for me, but hubby is usually in pretty good shape...pain-wise...except for an occasional backache from sleeping in a weird position! But this morning he found it different because of a recent fall off of his bike! O_O He jammed his thumb into the ground pretty good...or rather, pretty bad!...and it has been swollen and throbbing ever since!
      I, on the other hand, always have trouble rolling over in bed when the weather gets all rainy and...achy!! Thus the nicknames hubby decided he would give us this morning...'Scoop Thumb' (because he can't use his thumb for anything, except in a careful scooping motion) and 'Roll-Along' (because that's my mode of transportation at the moment)!! ^_^ 
      I didn't let him see me howling with laughter as I was visualizing him scooping stuff with his thumb, while I was rolling along on the ground in front of him. LOL If I did, that would be all he'd be talking about for the next week!!! ^_^ I'd rather he keep talking about the fact that after three or four weeks of playing UNO with me...he STILL hasn't won one game!! ^_^  
      Okay...enough silly talk!! ^_^ But I don't have much else to talk about or show you...except for a couple of other really cute rainy day items from my co-Etsy crafters...

      There you are! :-) ... 'Roll-Along'....OUT!! :-)) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

You Ever Watch A Spider?

You ever watch a spider,
when he's working out his plan?
He's amazing in his 'know how',
and his determination's grand!

He spins a web and sits there,
waiting for the winds to change;
For dinner to come to him,
with no stove or oven range!

It seems a 'wee bit' gory
as he wraps his dinner tight,
with no 'Seran Wrap', tape, or foil;
just 'know how', to do it right!

But what amazes me the most
 is not the way the spider dines.
It's all the prep work of the web,
which, in the sun, just shines and shines.

The web is perfect in it's shape,
with sturdiness, and lots of flare.
And with everything that's done,
it simply sways and stays right there!

You ever watch a spider,
and wonder where it gets it's brain?
Whether watching from a couch,
or you're there standing in the rain?!

When you see a spider work,
no matter where this work might be,
You can't help but marvel at him,
and his creative oddity!



  1. Oh sorry to hear about all the pain! Rain rain just go away! Live that umbrella and rain drop necklace! Trish - tales from trish

    1. Thanks, Trish. ♥ We're hearty old birds though!! LOL We take a lickin' and keep on tickin'!! ^_^ ... And I agree about the necklace too!!

  2. Oh no.... That sounds miserable! Waking up to joint pain can not be easy to bear... I hate that for you. I hope the weather clears and you start to feel better...💕

    That little umbrella necklace is the cutest thing ever!!

    1. Yeah....not fun! But thankfully it looks like hurricane Jaoquin is headed away from us, and we're gonna miss all of that week-long rain they were forecasting! YAY!!! After Saturday's rainfall it'll be clear and crochet-friendly weather!! ^_^


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