Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sorry...I'm photo-less!! O_O

     I was gonna just go to bed and forget about today's post, but I JUST COULDN'T!! LOL But, as you can see, my photos are kinda sparse!...to put it lightly! ^_^ That being said, I'm just gonna say: "I hope you all had a good day."
     Okay!...the reason I don't have any photos of my hummingbirds, or my fried chicken and french fries, or my latest crochet tote bag is because my batteries in the camera died. I mean they just 'clunk', 'bzzzzzzidicjdsnjc, bzzzkddlldc' (that's the sound of the camera's weird noises when it happened! LOL)!!...DIED!!! ^_^
     Hubby bought me some batteries late tonight, but I'm working on a new crochet scarf and I don't have time to be fooling around with no batteries!! ^_^ I barely have time to type these three paragraphs!! :-) Therefore, I'll see you tomorrow! 
      Okay...four paragraphs! :-)) Goodnight! ♥

If you don't have time for a poem

If you don't have time for a poem...
(not to write one, I mean to emote)...
then you don't have time to be sitting
and reading this short little note.

And you don't have time for a 'breather',
to pause for a small bit of rest.
No time for a moment's reflection.
No time for a giggle and jest.

No, you don't have the time some are wasting,
with schedules that they have to keep.
No time to be spending on verbiage,
whether shallow or thoughtfully deep.

If you don't have time for a poem,
Then you don't have time for me!
So get up and get yourself going,

there's somewhere that you ought to be!!

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