Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Quiet Weekend Is In The Bag!

     I had big plans for this past wash my hair, write a couple of important letters, make a dessert for a friend, watch an old movie, etc.... But guess how much of it I actually did?!.....NONE of it!! ^_^ Instead...I watched tennis, crocheted, spent some time teaching, watched some more tennis, ate some really good food, finished crocheting my mint green scarf, and watched some more tennis!! ^_^
     Below is the project I'm working on right now. In fact, it's almost done, except for the handles and maybe a big flower on the front. (I'm still debating about that. ^_^)...

      *Yawn*...This whole post is just a big yawn-fest, isn't it?! LOL...Sorry. But what can I say. There's nothing going on in my world that worth talking that much about! :-] Or, should I say, not worth talking about in such a public forum! I mean, I love to talk, but I'm not all 'social-media-crazy'!!! ^_^

     On that note, I'll leave today's post with the winners of the U.S. Open tennis championships! :-) Congratulations to Novak Djokovic...Maybe next year Roger Federer. :-(

      And congratulations to Flavia Pennetta. And since she also announced her retirement from tennis, have a good life!! :-) ... See you next year Roberta Vinci. After that masterful 'beat-down' of Serena Williams I'm sure we're gonna be seeing more of you!! ^_^ ...

      Speaking of 'beat-downs', I'm gonna go and challenge my husband to ten games of 'UNO'! ^_^ I've got him all to myself for a couple more days before he starts his new job. I might as well make sure he's in the right state of mind! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

What do YOU talk about?

What do YOU talk about
when you don't have much to say?
A short phrase about the weather?
Or the 'fine'-ness of the day?

Do you ask: "How do you do?",
hoping they won't say a thing?
Or just say: "Call me tomorrow",
hoping that the phone won't ring?

Do you lend yourself to grins,
and slight noddings of the head,
knowing big smiles and eye contact
would make you committed to what they said?

What do YOU talk about
when your 'talker' is 'on the blink'?
Not hardly much at all.
Certainly not much as you would think!


  1. Don't you love when your weekend turns into something other than you planned?! Sounds like a good weekend to me! Trish - tales from trish

    1. Most of the time...I do, Trish!! ^_^ Even if it turns into a big space for a little nap! :-)) But this weekend I kinda wish I had 24 MORE hours!!


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