Friday, July 1, 2011

Backyard A Go-Go.....A Giveaway!!

       I didn't know what I should use as my header photo today because hubby took so many pretty shots of the backyard and the flowers. What do you think about the choice I made?! :-) I figured I couldn't possibly go wrong with a yellow...cheery...flower! That's why I'm going to just throw them all throughout this post, while I talk too! ^_^ {Hey! It's not an ant!...Be thankful!! ^_^}
          Speaking of which, we're experimenting on an ant solution.  An ant solution that came to mind by accident...Hubby took the feeder down to clean it and replace it with new nectar (on the off chance that a hummingbird might come by to sip). But he left the domed ant guard there.   We noticed that the ants were still coming...per usual...and going all around the dome, and down to the hook that used to lead to the feeder. 
     After about an hour we noticed that they were in their usual 'mark-the-territory' mode {this may be too much information for some of you who get creeped out by ants anyway, so don't read the rest of the parenthesis box if you don't want to know how they do this!.................They were flicking their backsides up and down and then dragging it all over the ant guard as they were crawling around}
      Then we noticed that there were becoming fewer and fewer ants, and that the ones coming up to the feeder...well, the ant guard...would get to the top hook (the one that was on the actual tree branch), flick around, and then go back in the same direction! They wouldn't go down the hook!...Hmmmm....did the ants 'mark' this area as a 'no-show- zone?!
     So, we decided to test it to see. We're not going to hang the actual feeder back there until tomorrow. We're gonna watch it today to see if any more ants come. {A few did yesterday. We could tell that they were like scouts. They came in twos, crawled around, [checking to see if anything had changed we think]  and then disappeared just as quickly!
     I've been occasionally checking out the window this morning (for a couple of hours now) and I haven't seen one ant on the branch!! :-) They may have actually 'marked' themselves right out of a good hunting ground!......*Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!* I'm laughing, but we'll see how smart these ants actually are after the feeder goes back up today!
     I can tell you, much to my chagrin, that my hummingbirds haven't shown themselves to be as smart as the ants about this situation! They still come on occasion, with their heads flicking back and forth, and their wings beating faster than ever....hovering in the spot where the feeder USED to be!!...*smh* They look so confused, hovering there in mid-air with the ant guard over their heads. ^_^ "Be patient little birdies! We're conducting an experiment over here!!" LOL
     Anyway......everything else in the backyard is as calm as ever....{GIVEAWAY WINNER announcement coming up in a minute!}....
       In fact, although most of the pretty flowers are growing close to the house in hubby's 'happy growing place', there's some pretty flowers growing along the edge of the woods too!...Can you see it?!
       Look the middle of the photo. See that bit of orange?!
         Isn't it pretty?! :-) And hubby saw some buds for some others coming up too!! How cool is that?!....Who planted these?! {Maybe some animals with too much in their suitcase on one of their long trips! LOL}
        He also took a picture of this while he was out there......
          ^_^ Ummmmm.....Okay, so his eye is not always COMPLETELY discerning!! LOL I looked at it and it reminded me of some boogieing I used to do back in my 'GoingTo-A-Go-Go' days!!! ^_^ It looks like it's been shaking!!!!
      Speaking of shaking......{you like that segway?! (immediate transition to the next thing) LOL}...I've been shaking up a certain Giveaway box this morning too!....Then I shook it up again...{Wish I had some music to go with all this shaking! LOL}...and then...
           CONGRATULATIONS Bee Happy!!!! You're the winner of the red crochet hat!! :-) Ah yes! Another one of my little babies going on an over-seas trip! :-) {Just email me your address and I'll get it in the mail for you right away!}
       The new GIVEAWAY will be posted tomorrow. You all can influence my decision on this one too! What would you like to see me GIVEAWAY?!...Another throw blanket, another hat, a crochet brooch or necklace, a funky-colored pocketbook (I'm considering taking them out of my shop), etc...Let me know. I'm open to suggestions...if I get enough of them!! ^_^
      Okay....a little boogieing....
        Oh Yeah!!!

      Only thing left is a poem, right?! :-)

Go-Go A Dancing

Oh! I remember dancing
late into the night.
Boogying and shaking
up until the morning light!

Nothing like some music
to take your cares away.
And while you're there a-shaking,
there your problems all will lay.

It's a great relief
to be dancing all around.
Smiling as you shimmy
with your pound-age going down!

Going to a go-go,
hip a-snapping. Finger too.
If you hear the music
there is nothing else to do!

Have a good weekend everybody!! :-)


  1. The flowers are looking beautiful! Great shots in the first photos!
    Sounds like you may have figured out the ant strategy! So smart you are! Hope it works for you!
    Congrats to Bee Happy!! I'm jealous and a bit greedy, but I would have loved to win that one too! Tee Hee!! But you can't win them all! LOL
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  2. CinLynn, Thank you...for hubby...about the flower photos. I agree too! :-)...As to the ants, we'll see after today whether it's a good strategy or not! I'm skeptical though because those ants are pretty smart cookies!! ^_^ I won't worry about their smarts indoors too much until they learn how to crochet or write poetry! ^_^ Have a good day my friend!!

  3. Are the yellow flowers day lillies? I LOVE them :)

  4. Alittlesprite, I don't know what they are! Unfortunately I' not the gardener around here. I'll ask hubby and get back to you about it. :-) I love looking at them too though.

  5. Great post - beautiful gardens/yard!!

  6. I can't believe I've won that adorable hat! thank you so much. Love the photos, the flower is so summery! I hate ants, don't have that many but when I see them I boil up the kettle and pour boiling water over them!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Carla, Thank you! :-)

  8. Bee Happy, Yes you did! You won! As soon as I get the address I'll send it your ants included! LOL

  9. Nice poem!!

    Your backyard looks calm, indeed. And pretty.
    I hope you get tons of rest this weekend. Enjoy!

  10. Priscila, :-) Thank you! Glad you liked my dancing...poem. ^_^ And I hope I get lots of rest this weekend too! Sleep....quiet...Zzzzzzzz!...You have a good weekend too!

  11. Gorgeous flowers! We've got some amazing HUGE white flowers with yellow centres on a bush by our gate - have no idea what they are but they smell divine.
    Congrats to HAPPY BEE - although like Cindy, I'm quite jealous... I totally vote for a hat giveaway as I love them!

  12. Creating Trouble, My hubby will be so happy you liked his flowers! Flowers do make a dreary space perk up, don't they...And thanks for the input on the Giveaway too! Have a good weekend! :-)

  13. pretty flowers!!! poor hummingbirds, ants can be very resilient.

  14. Elisa, Thank you! And I agree about my poor little hummingbirds!! :-] Maybe things will be back to normal soon though!...By the way, thanks for the follow!! Nice to have you as a regular visitor to the backyard! :-)

  15. Lovely flowers, glad you sorted out the ants! Erika Price Jewelry

  16. Wow those flowers look amazing! Your backyard looks lovely and green.

  17. Your backyard is huge! And green! It looks like a putting range.
    Hope you enjoy your long weekend!


  18. Erika, Thank you, about the flowers...and well...the ant situation continues!...*smh* ^_^ {And by the way, thanks for the follow. Welcome to the backyard!!}

  19. Jo-anne, Thank you! Yeah, hubby likes tinkering with the growing things in the backyard. I just like 'looking' at what he does! ^_^

  20. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Too funny!...'a putting range'!!...Actually I suppose you could play a mean round of golf back there if you wanted to!! Maybe about 6 holes. Ha! Ha!...Have a good weekend! :-]

  21. Beautiful flowers, and I love the poem!

  22. Connie, Thank you very much!...and my hubby, the 'head grower' around here, thanks you too! :-)

  23. Isn't it awesome when birds / animals plant stuff, like that lily? My parents have a beautiful palm tree in their backyard in California. Neither of them planted it!

  24. James, It sure is! As a matter of fact, we're amazed because apparently there's a slew of them all in a bunch there. So by next week we may have a lily farm going on here!...I'd love to see your parent's palm tree in California. How sweet is that! :-) Thanks for sharing that with me. And have a good weekend!

  25. congrats to the winner, ( love the dancers by the way) and ENTER ME in your newest giveaway please :-)

  26. Katherine's Corner, Hi! I love those dancers too! If I could afford them they'd be in my house, dancing on my wall too! :-))...And consider yourself entered!


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