Friday, April 25, 2014

I Think It Is!...I Think It Is!!!

      And just like that...YAY!!!...the real Spring is here! ^_^ How do I know?!...Well, those aren't pork chops, or the 'white stuff', hanging off the end of those branches!! LOL They're a new growth of leaves...soon to be flowers! :-) ...

      We've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting!! And finally the lawn is lush and green, the leaves are quickly sprouting on the tree branches, and.....I said: "AND"!... :-) ...And is that a hummingbird I see?!...

    No! Not in the cage!! LOL...although it's a beautiful cage! ^_^ No!...I see the hummingbird...or should I say: 'saw' the hummingbird! by the window a few minutes ago!! :-) He's so quick!!..."Sorry Mr. Hummingbird. Hubby is not as quick as you!" ^_^
      If you look close in the above backyard tree photos you'll see that the wintertime suet bird feeder is still hanging there! ^_^ Not for long though. The hummingbird's 'buzzing the window' is a clear indication that it's time for hubby to 'get-to-making' some hummingbird nectar!! :-) 
      He won't be making the nectar today though. We're due to get rain here tomorrow. So he's gonna wait a couple days, instead of encouraging the sweet birdies to come out into the rain with their 'humming-umberellas'. :-))

      *deep breath*....*cough! cough!*...Yeah, it's that time again too!...Allergy season. Ugh! I've been sneezing, dripping, and wheezing a bit, for a few days. In the morning my first vocalizations sound like a 'scratchy-throated' Barry White!! :-)) ... ♫ "...The first, my last, my everything..." ♫ ^_^

      It's also time...I hope, I hope, I hope!...for pre-planning brides and grooms to start searching for new wedding ideas! :-) Reception venues, dresses, tuxedos, shoes, flower bouquets, clutch purses,...

...and...uhhh...boutonnieres, lapel pins, etc...???! ^_^ Wuglyees has LOTS of the last two things!! And some shawls and crochet necklaces 'to boot'! LOL Come on by and check them out yourself....PLEASE! :-)

      Okay...two more cute items to share and then I'm gonna take my Barry White singing self outta here! ^_^ ...

       I think it's time to go! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day! ♥

Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's  swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, a syncopated beat!


  1. Thank you very much for the link to my store and a bridal clutch, I touched by your attention!

  2. You saw a hummingbird??? Already??? Let's get those feeders out!!
    You know how much I love that poem! Thanks for posting it again!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes we did!! :-] Isn't that amazing?!!...And yes, I know you like that poem. ^_^ ME TOO!!! LOL Have a good weekend, Bead! ♥

  3. No Hummers here yet..but soon! I posted a bit of Spring wonder myself tonight. I'm hoping it's here for good! That little wedding purse is beautiful! I also hope you have tons of new sales for your shop. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Yaya, Yes...I saw your new growth. Hubby took some photos of a few flowers and growth coming up around here too. I'm gonna share it later today. :-] ... And I hope sales pick up soon too!!...Have a good weekend!


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