Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Time To Do!....Until It's Done!!

      What a beautiful day it is!! :-) I know I keep talking about the weather, but give me a break, okay! Think about what kind of winter we've had! UGH!!! It feels good to look out the window and see something besides piles of 'white stuff', hail balls, strong winds, pouring rain, and locusts!...Okay. We didn't get locusts. LOL But if the winter had lasted any longer I'm almost sure locusts were the next thing on the list!! ^_^
      Did I say 'list'?! ^_^ Well, yes I did!!...On such a beautiful day what else would I be doing besides working a 'too long' To-Do' list?!! O_O

       ... I mean, the backyard lawn is all green and lush. The robins are hopping around all over the yard...and so is a huge bunny rabbit!! :-] I'm not kidding!! I don't know where he came from!! :-)
      Kids are running through the backyard, playing 'Tag'...or some game where they're trying to catch each other while dodging behind trees and laughing hysterically!! ^_^ ...

      It's good to hear some laughter around here! It's been a rough few months!! O_O 

      And over the last few weeks or so I've been dragging like crazy!!...not crocheting much...out of energy...and sleeping,...excuse me, napping! ^_^ But today I feel full of energy...sorta, kinda. {I'm sure it's gonna run out with a massive thud in about an hour or so! LOL} That's why I decided to take this Monday to start getting my 'To Do' things DONE!! :-]
      I actually wrote today's list of things down on paper so I could check them off as I got them done!...wishful thinking. :-)) So far, out of the twelve things on my list, seven of them are 'kaput!' ^_^ I tried to leave the best things for last...NOT!! LOL Of course it's the time-consuming, aggravating, HARD things to do, that are left!...Flip the bed-top memory foam mattress pad...comb hair {don't laugh!!...combing my hair is not an easy job! It's down my back, thick, and curly. The kind of hair that once you comb it need to comb it out again to make sure it's combed out!! UGH!}
      Then I have to do my exercises...including all of the new ones the physical therapist wants me to do, with weights! UGH!...and start a new crochet project that's not a lapel brooch or boutonniere! :-) I'm crocheting a mint green baby blanket!...Probably not as cute as the one below :-) ...

      ...but still! :-)

      I've been looking through my crochet books to find something to sink my teeth...crochet-wise...into. I figure a baby blanket is a good way to go, especially since there's always 'somebody' having a baby! :-) ... NOT ME!!...but somebody! ^_^ I'll keep you posted on how it's going....That is, if I actually get 'to-do' it...or rather, start it, today. :-)
      Okay. I gotta go and face-the-elephant-in-the-room!...Otherwise known as the page full of exercises I have to do!...Deep breath, everybody!...HELP ME!! LOL I need inspiration....I know! I'll get Lilly Ann to inspire me! ^_^ ...
(8x10 inch on A4 Get It Done Inspiring quote Print (in Black & White) by theloveshop)


You make water cycles flow.
You give green to leaves and doe.
You add shine to a new rainbow,
and you make the flowers grow.

Without you, we could not sow,
there'd be nothing there to hoe.
There'd be no grass for us to mow.
And our mood would be real low.

Because of you, we go, go, go,
and all our 'ducks are in a row'.
We so appreciate your glow.
Our sunny smile is how you know.

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