Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't You Just Love Getting Good News?!!!

      I was having a pretty good Monday already, but I just got a phone call that took my Monday mood up a notch! :-) I'll tell you about it in a minute. First, I wanna share some work from some wonderful artists on Etsy!
      And yes, I 'do' call the ability to take a great! Especially considering my lack of artistic skill in the photo taking department! ^_^ Although I'll add a caveat to that statement...the caveat being that if I could bend down, and climb, and get myself into unusual positions on top of roofs or laying flat on the ground, etc., I would probably be a wonderful artist too!! ^_^ (At any rate, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!! LOL)
      So, as I continue to I will anyway! ^_^ ...please take note of the beautiful artistic photos on the blog today. :-)

      Hey! Good news!...Hubby finally hung the hummingbird feeder up! :-) It looks so pretty, all red and yellow, hanging next to the tree with all of the new leaves coming in! :-) I wanted to take a picture of it, know the story! LOL
     The other good news...the phone call I mentioned at the start of this that the doctor called about my sugar levels. (I sent in my numbers for the last two weeks, after finger sticks two times a day.) He was very happy with my numbers. And he doesn't want me to continue doing the finger sticks every day anymore. YAY!!!! *Happy Dance!!!!* ^_^ He says to do the finger sticks twice a week, and record the results. Of course I said: " :-( Awwwww! Nooooooo!" I'm gonna miss sticking my fingers twice a day!!.......NO I DIDN"T!!!! ^_^ I said: "WHOOPEEEEEEEEE!!!" ^_^
      Now all of that sunshine outside makes sense!! :-) The fact that it's gonna rain tomorrow doesn't even matter! The only thing it's raining right now is LOVE!!!...

     "I love you, Doctor!!!" ^_^ ...

      The key holder displayed below is not here because of  it being a photograph. Although it is a good photo! :-) It's here because I LIKE IT!! ^_^ ...

      It is kind of artistic looking though, isn'tit?! :-] ... Speaking of which...
 (Original Still Life Orange Fruit Bowl Oil Painting by smallimpressions)

      Aren't they great?!! :-) If I bought as many artistic pieces as I love...Uhhh...(I don't have that much money anyway. Thankfully!! ^_^)...where in the world would I display them?!!!! O_O I'd need to buy a museum, add a lock and key, and a conveyer belt, so that I could go and visit my art work every day and get a big smile! :-) 
      That's a project for the future! ^_^ Right now I'm just concerned with the rest of this day, and what other good news I'm gonna get!! ^_^

      I'm anticipating seeing a hummingbird fly in to take a little sip! ^_^ That would really be good news to report to you tomorrow! ^_^ Wait for it!! ♥ Have a good rest of your Monday!!

Let's talk about our bad

Let's talk about what we've done bad.
Not talk about what we did right.
Let's talk about what we have messed up.
Not what's been clearly black and white.

All the photos that we've taken,
that we want no one to see.
All the cakes that fell apart.
Things that deserved apology.

It's easy rolling out our 'good'.
We do that every single day.
But Oooo! The 'bad' things we destroy
we quickly want to put away!

So, let's be bigger than our 'bad'.
Let's see some beauty in 'mistake'.
Let's give a pause to being 'perfect',
and give ourselves a little break!


  1. Great news for you! Yay!! And I also admire anyone who can take a good photo! Actually, I'm jealous! Don't tell anyone....LOL
    Glad you put up your hummingbird feeder. My plan is to do it this week.
    Enjoy your good news and your evening! :D

    1. It sure is, Bead!! :-) I'm not sure what it will mean for the future, but for right now it's good news that I'm glad to hear!!!...But so far, and it's getting dark (Ha! Ha!) no hummingbird. ^_^ Oh well...there's always tomorrow! LOL Have a good evening yourself, my friend! ♥

  2. That is wonderful news Poetess. I would celebrate that one myself if my Doctor ever told me that.
    I too would love to be able to take a good photo. I'm pretty hit and miss myself.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Thank you for the support, Jo! :-] Yes indeed! I was glad to hear it!! The finger sticking thing was getting to be a real bother!! (I had to wait to work on my crochet projects afterward. Grrrr! ^_^ I know you understand what I mean.) I look forward to the time in the near future, though, when no one will have diabetes...or any other debilitating disease!!...I know, as a Bible reader yourself, you understand that promise too! :-) Have a good rest of the day...or night!...Jo! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for your support and yay for your good news from your doctor!!!
    Warm wishes,
    Lina E from

    1. It is always my pleasure to share, Lina!...I get a lot of support from other Etsians, showing off my stuff! :-] I'm just returning the support where I can.....And thank you for the encouragement about the doctor's news too!! ♥

  4. Wonderful news about your sugar's hoping they keep to the happy levels and you get a lot of hummingbirds too!
    Also a big thanks for featuring my painting... I'm so glad that some of the photos I take come out half as decent...
    I'm glad I found your blog via this feature. I love having news blogs to read... I'm not much into poetry but I liked the one you've written here...sweet and simple!

    1. Hello Again, Mruna! :-] Thank you for the encouragement about my sugar poem...and my blog... ♥ And no need for thanks about sharing your beautiful painting. The pleasure was all mine! :-)


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