Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 'Better Weather' Has Brought Creative Brain Cells!


      I suppose, considering the dark skies and impending rain outside at this very moment, I shouldn't be talking so smilingly about the better weather we're having these days!... ^_^ ...but rain showers and dark clouds notwithstanding, I'm having a mentally great time these days, creatively I mean. :-]
      Leaves are popping out on the trees, and creative ideas are popping out of my head, one after the other!...My baby blanket is coming along nicely. And my 'To Do' list is getting shorter and shorter (even though I keep adding new things to it every day)! :-) 
      I woke up day before yesterday with the first two lines of a new poem going over and over in my head too! :-) I haven't shared it on the blog because I didn't want anyone to misunderstand and think that it's a 'Mother's Day' poem. I don't celebrate Mother's Day. But I found out that Mother's Day isn't for a couple of weeks or so, so I'll share the poem at the bottom of today's blog post. :-) ... Anyway, as far as Mother's Day goes, shouldn't you love your mother every day?! It's puzzling why we would have to be given a certain one day a year to remind us to love our mothers!...just saying. :-] But I always respect other people's right to celebrate as they like. :-]


      With my mind searching for creative outlets, I've also been doing a lot of extra reading {The Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses}. I'm really enjoying the experiences of the early years of Jehovah's Witnesses in  Sierra Leon and Guinea. :-] Have you ever heard of Freetown? or the 'Cotton Tree'?!...I hadn't!...It's good reading! :-)

      The only problem with the better weather's arrival is that my sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes have arrived too! ACHOO!!!! Ugh!...Forsythia is the worst for me at this time of the year!...and it's popping out all over the place right now! O_O Ugh! And I love looking at the flowers so much too!!


      Even flowers on other things besides bushes and trees! ^_^ ...


      The better weather is bringing out something else too!...the opportunity to put away heavy coats, snow boots, wool scarves, and warm clothing! It's time to 'sport' your Spring-wear!! :-) And no one could 'sport' it better than this little one! :-) ..

      Don't you just love a little girl in red and white polka dots?!!! ^_^

      Okay...all done! ^_^ And if you're living in an area that's not having 'better weather', hang on! A new season is just around the corner!!... ^_^ ...even though the corner may be a ways away!!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Y'all! ♥


This poem might sound angry,
but that's not the truth.
And sound kind of sad too,
even though I'm renewed.

I was a girl with no 'mommy',
the one I loved dear.
The one who was reckless,
and who is no longer here.

But now I've got "mommies".
Some big, and some small.
Some younger than me.
Some not my gender at all.

They were there when I needed
a pat on my back,
a hug round the neck,
or just to help me to pack.

They were there with much wisdom,
and spiritually clear.
Oh, I'm missing my "mommies".
How I wish you were here.

So this poem is not angry,
cuz' that not the truth.
And it's not sad at all,
because I'm feeling renewed.

I'm a girl who is grateful
for the "mommies" I've had.
Thanks for lifting me up,
though I still had my dad.

Thanks for loving a sad girl,
and for being so dear.
And for helping me grow up,
with my "mommies" all near.


  1. Thanks for featuring my cape amongst your lovely collection. Lisa x

    1. It was my pleasure! :-] It's so cute!!

  2. I apreciate that you featuring my baby carriages die cut in your wonderful collection. Thank you soooo much!!! Penelope

    1. My pleasure, Penelope! ♥ :-)


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