Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"I'm On To Something New, Baby!"


      I finally did it!!...I started a crochet project that doesn't have anything to do with lapel pins, brooches, boutonnieres, or crochet flowers! :-) And it's not a custom order project either! I just started it...well...just because! :-)
      Before I show it to you though, let me say a big thank you to Lana for including my dark blue boutonniere in her new Etsy treasury! ♥ THANK YOU!!...


      You can go by and click on the shops in the treasury if you like. There's some cute items in it...like this little tennis lover from the 1950s below! :-) ...


      I just had to share him!! ♥ He looks to be about the right age for someone to fall in love with tennis! ^_^ Of course I was older than this!...but we're not gonna talk about age today! LOL We're gonna talk about babies, and baby blankets! :-)
      It was a baby blanket that caught my attention when I was looking around for a new crochet project. In particular...THIS crochet blanket (below)!...

      I found the pattern in one of my old 1999 booklets. I love that the pattern looks like inter-connected hearts all in rows! :-) And the ribbon all the way around is such a sweet touch, I think!
      Of course...me being me!...I couldn't possibly just make the pattern as it appears in the book!...Noooooooooo! :-)) I'm making it with mint green yarn!...And I may put a different color on the perimeter. We'll see! :-] But this is how far I am so far!...


      I love the way the front posts around the stitches do look like little hearts! :-) ...


      I've actually done a couple more rows since I took the pictures above. It's looking really pretty! But I can tell it's gonna be another long project, because it takes quite a while to do the 'heart' rows!!...As a matter of fact, the rows taking so long reminded me of another baby blanket that I haven't seen in a while...Oops! O_O ...Remember the rainbow blanket?!!!

      YIKES!...I haven't picked up that blanket in....in...forever!! ^_^ I guess if I'm gonna work on this mint green blanket...I might as well pull the rainbow one out and finish it too!!...I'll keep you up on their doings as they go...if they go!...I mean, 'WHEN' they go!! LOL
      I hate leaving unfinished projects undone!!...As a matter of fact, I have a few of my girlfriend's blankets to finish too!...my friend that died recently. She left me a few of her blankets and things that needed finishing. I guess I'll focus on getting them done and in someone's hands who can appreciate them! :-]
      Okay...I'm all done showing stuff for today, Baby! :-) ... Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Baby Waddle

So-you don't  have a strut
like a skinny runway model.
Walk proudly as you stroll,
with your 'Hippy' baby waddle!

Pretty soon it will be over,
and you'll  walk your baby's  bottle
back and forth all through the night;
And who will notice if you waddle?-
With your smiling babe to coddle.

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