Friday, April 4, 2014

It's All About LOVE On Fridays, Right?!!

      I did a post late last night, so I'm not gonna do a lot of talking here this morning...and STOP clapping Y'all!! ^_^ But I did wanna say 'Happy Virtual Friday' to my husband. My hard working support system. ♥♥♥ He's had his hands full lately, but he's handling it like a 'trooper'!! ♥
      We're gonna just spend the day alone in a tent somewhere. I'm not gonna tell you where because somebody might show up and 'squash' our Friday vibe!! LOL As it is our trip might be delayed by another round of blood-work. But whatever! I can do blood-work now! Go ahead, white-coated vampires!! Take all you want...Uhhhhh...within reason! O_O
     I'm all about Friday...and Love...and! :-) And I hope your Friday has lots of the same! Happy Friday, Everybody!! ♥♥♥

Marital Language

Does your husband speak your language?
Does he get your moods and quirks?
Or do things he says make you question
if his mind still works?!

Does your wife know all your feelings,
as she should, by what you do?
Or does she keep right on talking,
while your face is turning blue?!

Does your marriage live it's own life,
while you two are stuck like glue?
Or are you doing the best you can,
and glad that they'll put up with you!


  1. Keep listening to that will keep you happy too!

    1. Indeed it will, Bead! ^_^ But ALL the music I listen to does that for me!! LOL I think it soothes the disquieted beast...ME!! LOL

  2. Enjoy your date tonight and I keep hoping those vampires will finally find the right vein that holds all the answers to your health issues! I love that tent in the previous post..I need me one of them in my backyard! Have a good weekend!

    1. DONE, Yaya!! ^_^ It was a very relaxing night...with tacos and quiet time. Ahhhhh! :-) ... As to the bloodwork and stuff, that also was done again. Now it's just a wait for more results....results heading in the right direction, hopefully!!...Enjoy your weekend too, Yaya! ♥


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