Monday, April 7, 2014

Napping Paraphernalia......And Other Stuff!

      Sorry for another late post. But this time it was on purpose! :-) I waited to post because I wanted to see if I was gonna get the results of my latest round of bloodwork...but unfortunately I didn't get them. Maybe I'll hear from the doctor tomorrow...I hope!...Besides...I was able to get in another afternoon nap in the meantime. :-) So all was not wasted! LOL 
      When I finally came online to do the blog post I was side-tracked from my original blog theme...showing you my latest boutonnieres and lapel pins. ^_^ Why was I side-tracked, you ask?!...Because I saw some napping paraphernalia! :-)) The pillow covers above (in the header photo) and below...

      They made me smile! :-) ... The clouds pillow cover especially, because our weather is starting to change outside right now...into a rainy cloudy sky. We're due to get some wind and rain starting tonight. Of course, I knew it was coming already because my joints were screaming at me......"RAIN IS COMING!!" LOL Oh, when I think about how I used to laugh at my grandmother when she said her corns were hurting, and she was sure rain must be coming! LOL...*shaking my head*..."Well, I'm not laughing now, Granny!!" ^_^
      Moving On!! ^_^ ... Here's a few other cuties I saw on Etsy!...

      I especially love the small planters! :-) They would look so good on a windowsill!...And they can hold a single, non-allergenic, cactus or something! :-) ...

      Maybe I'll show you my boutonnieres and lapel pins tomorrow. Or maybe not! ^_^ Who knows what will be on my mind then!! LOL Whatever it is, I know I'll be hunting for a smile! :-) Speaking of which, here are my 5 smile-able things for today:

1. One of my 'Besties' sent me a letter in the 'snail mail'!! :-) She knows how much I like to put my hands on the paper, and look at the handwriting, and smell the print, and...etc. ^_^ And she also sent us a big surprise gift!! ♥ I love her!!!! She makes me smile all the time!! :-)

2. Pork and beans and fried spam...That is all. :-))

3. Pharrell Williams was on 'Good Morning America' this morning singing his "Happy" song. Oh! Watching the little kids dance to it really made me smile!!....and dance!!! ^_^

4. Hubby bought me some black and red embroidery thread today!! :-) A lot of it!!...Be watchful for upcoming flower pins! :-)

5. And last, but certainly not least, hubby got the new car (well, not exactly new) insured, and got plates for it, today!! :-) After a little spark plug and tire action, he'll be back on the road soon!! :-) No more huge work van. YAY!!!! :-)

      Before I leave, here's one more Etsy item that caught my eye...

      I think that love should always be the last thing to go, don't you?! ^_^ ... Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥♥♥

Love Fills The Holes

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live,
the holes we fill up
from the love that we give?

Even the hard times
make wonders abound,
because of the memories
of times safe and sound.

The good times, they come,
they fill us, they flow
and leave behind a smile,
like the hard rain's  rainbow.

So, its the love that keeps growing,
that adds wonder to life;
because no matter how peaceful,
or how full of strife,

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live!
Cherish it always-
for the holes it will fill.

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