Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things To Do In The Rain!


      Yes...it is...RAINING! O_O After that beautiful day of sun yesterday too!!...And this weather has the nerve to be threatening to turn to sleet...that would be cold rain mixed with 'the white stuff'...tonight too!! Ugh!...Now you understand why I led my post with the 'Pound Puppy', right?! :-)
      That cute little guy represents the 'non-energetic' nature of my day going forward...After my nice breakfast in bed that hubby made for me today...and my hot green tea! (no lemon...no honey...no sugar! ^_^) It''s gonna be a 'take-it-as-it-comes' kinda day!
      What else would I be doing in the rain?!...What do you do?!...I know what I 'used to' do! I used to go for walks in the rain...hubby and I had a specific area...a beautifully manicured graveyard...that we used to like to walk through in the rain. Everything looked so lush and green!...not the gravestones! We didn't look at them that closely...We're not weird or anything!! LOL We just wanted to hold hands and be wet, without anybody bothering us! ^_^

      One of the other things I like to do when it's rainy is eat! :-) ...

      ... Who doesn't, right?!...But I like to eat soups and stews and stuff!...In fact, I have some potato bacon soup lined up for lunch today!! :-) It's soooo good!!...Actually I've been eating different soups for the last week or two! And I was worried that, because of the potato, and it's potential sugar raising ability, I might have to give it up. O_O But my sugar levels have been really low!...even in the late afternoon! (The preferred count, I was told, is suppose to be around 125. Mine has been between 95 and 97 every day! O_O) I'm not sure what it means, but I still have to keep doing the blood-stick tests for another week before the doctor re-evaluates it...WHATEVER!! ^_^)

      Another thing I love to do in the rain is watch the birds, rabbits, squirrels, foxes...Yes! I said foxes!! ^_^...cats, and neighbor kids stroll through the backyard. :-) And yesterday I noticed that there are big buds on the trees too!!...

        Pretty soon there will be leaves and flowers on the trees! :-) ... As long as I don't see a bear or a moose stroll through the backyard I'll be good! O_O Did you hear about the woman who was in her screened in porch and was attacked by a black bear?! YIKES!!...He clawed and bit her pretty bad, and was trying to drag her into the woods!! O_O She fought hard, and he let her go!! WHEW!!!
      And a lady found a moose in her backyard in a town near here!...A MOOSE!!! O_O...He had jumped her fence and was hanging out near her children's swing set!!!....NO THANK YOU!! I don't want those kind of surprises in my backyard!! LOL Just give me a chirp...a song...a squirrel squabble here or there. THAT'S ALL!!! ^_^

      Something else you can do while it's raining...And I LOVE doing this!...is play dress-up!! :-) Don't play dress-up outside 'IN' the rain! :-)) But you can go through your closet, see what still fits, what you need to throw away, and how you can wear some things in a different way than how you've been wearing them! :-) {I started wearing one of my scarves as a scarf hat instead of a neck scarf after one of my dress-up periods!! :-)}
      And just think of all of the accessories you can play with!! :-) ...


      I also used to like going walking through the mall on rainy days...window shopping. Or going to visit friends. Or going out to eat. Or just staying at home listening to music and shadow dancing with yourself!! I LOVE home stuff! ^_^ ...


      On 'this' rainy day it's tea with hubby...watching the rerun of 'The Voice', which I missed last night!...and doing some studying. :-] Notice that I didn't say 'crocheting'! I'm not gonna crochet today. I have about seven items already made that need to be photographed and listed. If I get enough light in here today, I may do that. But it's not a big priority. It's rainy. And I'm a 'Pound Puppy'...Remember! ^_^
        You all have a good day too!...Rainy or not! :-)


The place where I am at my best.
A place of calm and peace and rest.

The place from which I never roam.
'Cause it's in my heart, this place called home!


  1. Our rain turned to snow today! I'm so sick of it! But I love that pound puppy! I have 4 different ones that belonged to my boys when they were little and that was one of them! My grandkiddos love to play with them and they still look brand new..the pound puppies, not the grandkiddos! HA! Hope all the chilly days end soon but enjoy the soups anyway!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Well, guess what?!...We have snow on our ground this morning too!! Ugh!! And the temperatures have gone from close to 70 degrees day before last, down to 29 this morning, and not due to get above 44 today!! O_O I guess winter wanted to have the last laugh on us! :-)) Good thing we have pound puppies to comfort us!! LOL Have a good day!


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