Friday, March 16, 2012

Chickens Are Not That Happy Around Here Right Now!

        I saw this photo of the happy dancing chicken...which is really a recipe for a certain kind of chicken noodle soup, by the way...and the only thing I could think was: "Chickens aren't that happy in my house right now!" ^_^ 
      I found a few things for sell on Etsy to share, while I tell you what's been going on for the last few days in "Sick House Central"...You guessed it. :-( I ran as fast as I could, but whatever this thing is that caught hubby...caught me too! :-(

       Before I make you feel too sorry for us though, let me say that this is the lightest cold...flu...contagious thing...either one of us has ever had! And the way it shows itself is kind of puzzling. O_O ...Hubby got it first. All of a sudden he got this fever...a fever that I could feel rising on him by the second!...Then a raspy throat....a wet mucousy cough...chills...and exhaustion.
      I immediately started making him drink tons of water...then take Vitamin C...

        ...Next came chicken noodle soup...

           ...and then some more chicken noodle soup!...

      ...and making him wrap up under the cover, giving him body rubs, and letting him get lots and lots of sleep!
       All was well and good when he popped up after the first day of all of this and he said he was feeling much better. :-) But, unfortunately, that wasn't the end of this thing! :-( His fever came back...I battled it another round...he felt good. And now this's back again!...But this morning I'm not up to the battle. :-( I got the fever yesterday evening, right before the meeting...Aargh!
      I did all of the above things...for ME!...Chicken soup (Ohhh! The chickens aren't happy around here!) tea with lemon...

             ...much water...and sleep...And I even got a body rub from 'Mr. Sicko' too! Ha! Ha!...Truthfully, I was up and down all night with the drinking the water thing...(my teeth are floating!)...and eating popcorn...

        ...and drinking green tea...(the cure for anything that ails you, if you ask me! ^_^)...and wrapping up in blankets.

        I'm not feeling as bad as it sounds though. I mean...there's a lot worse things going on in the world than two people sick with a cold...or whatever it is. I turned on the news this morning and saw that there was another slew of Michigan this time! O_O And the gas prices are going up like a rocket...and there was a plane crash in a residential area...and there was a carnival ride that threw a 3-year old out onto the ground! (she has a concussion, but she's doing okay otherwise.)
     Just 'keeping it real', we're not doing that bad! All we need is a few more remedies for a cold...

      ...some soft cuddlies to keep us company...besides each other I mean :-) ...

         ...some dreams of far away healthy places...

       ...the T.V. remote at arm's length, and a bunch of old movies, or reruns of American Idol, Storage Wars, or The Amazing Race...

       ...and a place to lay all of it down when the fever hits us! :-)...and we'll be just fine! ^_^

        And, of course, some more chicken noodle soup! ^_^ I hope your day ends up being more fun than ours. A 'Virtual Date Night' sleeping is in our future...Zzzzzzzzzzzz! :-] Have a good day, Everybody!

Cough On Me

How do you know that you're in love,
and that you're right where you should be?
When you're holding your sick spouse
and thinking: "You can cough on me."

When they're burning up with fever,
needing tissue, soup, and tea,
and you wanna be their hanky.
"Woo woo woo...just cough on me."

When you really wanna share,
but all you have is sympathy.
Here's to you, my dear sick friend,
just for you...the coughs on me!


  1. Awwwww, I'm sorry you're sick too now Wug. Keep doing what you're doing (drinking plenty of fluids and eating chicken soup and taking vitamin C) and I'm sure you'll be up and at em in no time!!

    Take care! Here's a pot of virtual soup for you!!! (__)

    1. :-) Will do, my friend...And thanks for the soup too!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not well! Guess what? I've got it too!!

    1. Awwww! :-( I'm sorry to hear that you have it too!!!...Drink lots of water and fluids!!! Feel better!...I'm working on it.

  3. Deb, sorry to hear that illness that got ahold of your husband now has you in its grasp. I hope the two of you start feeling better. Wonderful post even though you are feeling under the weather. Speaking of weather we are singing rain, rain go away come again some other day. Three days of rain here. Hope your day goes well!!!!

    1. Thanks, Velma...We're both doing okay. Just trying to keep our contagiousness away from other people at the moment...By the way, it's fun dealing with rain, isn't it?!...NOT! ^_^

  4. Im so very sorry to hear you are both poorly now. Take lots of care and i hope you feel better soon, dee x

    1. Thanks, Dee....Will do. :-]

  5. Hope you both feel better soon

    1. Thank you...I'm working on it! :-]

  6. Feel better soon. We are getting over quite a nasty mess here too. Thanks for including my little earrings!

    1. Thank you Jaime...I hope you feel better too!...And it was my pleasure to share your earrings.

  7. I love all the items you found for your post. That remote control caddy looks fantastic. So does the chicken soup & the cuddly rabbit.
    Sorry to hear that you are both feeling unwell. I hope you manage to get rid of this cold/flu thing soon.

    1. I'm glad you liked them, Jo...We're still working on feeling better. :-(


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