Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Jewelry Has To Go!!...But Where?!

        Hubby and I have been seriously accessing our situation the last few days. No unemployment check has come yet...but "It's pending" we're told...The annuity payment hasn't come....but "It shouldn't be more than two weeks" we were assured...The check for his four weeks of leftover vacation pay hasn't come either!..."Give it a week" they said.
    In the meantime we have a few bills that are gonna come due soon, and they're starting to stare us down! LOL So, before we have to start worrying about them, we've been thinking about what we can do to get some income coming in...In other words, what can we sell! ^_^
      I've got enough costume jewelry and stuff around here to start my own store!...but I don't know if any of it is really worth much. And if it is...how much?!...I know the necklace I had made when I started my 'Wuglyees' shop on Etsy (in the header photo) is not worth that much...even if...

        ...I think the slogan words for my shop "are" very valuable!..."Wuglyees-Where nothing is wasted, not even the ugly!" ^_^
     The problem is that not enough people are beating down my 'virtual' door to buy my ugly stuff!! LOL...Hopefully some of my old vintage jewelry pieces will bring a penny or two! Like this...

       It's a butterfly necklace, with stones, colored pearls, and beads...

        The thing is...I don't know what the materials are!...How do you find out something like that when you don't have the 'skinny' (info) on where you got it, how much you paid for it, and what it's actually made out of?!
       Hubby and I tried to read the small writing on it (and on some other pieces we have). But what we found out didn't have anything to do with the jewelry. What we found out is that...we're old! LOL Our eyesight isn't what it used to be!....I mean, how bad is your eyesight when you bring out the "big" magnifying glass and you STILL can't see anything?! ^_^
     But, being the confident and co-dependently delusional couple that we are, we convinced ourselves that it wasn't totally our eyes! What we needed was a jewelry magnifying glass, that's all!! So...we ordered one!...Yep! Depleting the 'coffers' on the chance that we can replenish it with the million dollar find we're bound to uncover!....{I told you we were delusional just a couple of sentences ago, didn't I?! ^_^}
      I'm hoping that something in here is valuable, besides my anniversary gifts and my wedding rings. They stay!!!...But as to the rest of my jewelry, I've certainly got enough of it!! We ought to at least have enough for a couple of bags of grocery in a pinch! LOL...Don't mind me. It hasn't gotten that bad....YET! ^_^
     I have a lot of curiosity about this ring...

       As it would have been described by my relatives in the south..."It's a humdinger!"...{particularly outstanding, unusual, or exceptional.}...I say that mostly because of it's size!...

       Over the years I haven't worn it that often. But every time I have, it gets attention!...

       It's heavy, and it has a really wide band...

       ...a little thinner in the back...

        ...and it has this big pretty purple stone, in a seven prong Marquis setting...I can't wait to get my magnifying glass so I can see if the words it has on the inside of the band tell me anything about the specifics...like is it real gold?! What kind of stone it has? Or if these are real diamonds?....I suspect not. I think it's just a costume jewelry piece. But it has character...and it's old....like me! ^_^ I'm still worth something, aren't I?!....Well, aren't I?!!! {Is "aren't I" proper English?!...O_O}
       My problem with the ring is that it's flawed!...

       As you can see, one of the...whatever it is's...is missing!...

       If this ring is real, and one of my diamonds is gone...making the ring un-perfect...I'm gonna be heart-broken...and less financially endowed! ^_^ .....Oh Well! I'll just have to try to find out how much my Victorian Brass Noah's Ark brooch pin is worth I guess! LOL
     I didn't have enough light to take a picture of  it for you, so I looked online to see if I could find it...and Lo and behold, I found it!!....Well, kinda...

        My pin is this exact one, but I don't have the swirl backed piece...just the ark and animals piece in the center. I thought that it might be worth a few dollars...and apparently I was right! ^_^ But it's more like 'milk and cookies money'...not the multi-million dollar 'house in the Hamptons' money I wanted it to be! LOL
       Anyway!...I've got other things to think about today. I've got a talk (Bible presentation) to write, some crocheting to get done, and a few other things too. And seeing as I didn't get much more sleep last night than I did the night before, I'd better get cracking on the stuff I have to do, before my mind and body crashes...like it did yesterday!...UGH!...Bye! My eyes aren't getting any younger sitting around here talking to you! ^_^
       Have a good day Everybody! :-)

 Everything Is Getting Older

Everything is getting older,
past it's time, and rusting fast!
No matter how many times you oil it,
Somehow, still, it doesn't last.

Everything is getting older.
Even veggies just from the store,
have now browned and withered up.
They're not all shiny like before.

Everything is getting older.
Old dogs included, people too.
Even babies, from the womb,
start getting older, just past brand new!

Everything is getting older,
like real good books, with tales all told.
But, Wait a minute! Some books are good!
That's why "To read" will not get old.

Everything that's getting older
doesn't harm us and displease.
Just think of wisdom in the aging-
that's with people and with cheese!

All the things, those getting older,
showing marks and scars of time,
just need a tad bit more attention,
or just a small aged glass of wine!


  1. I have no idea what to tell you as far as the value of your pieces is concerned. Have hubby take the pieces to a jeweler and see what they have to dsay. Ro to an antique mall (LOL) and swee what they think they're worth.

    By the way...I love that ring and that brooch! Not my style, but I still think they're both great!!!

    Have a great day and get some rest. Yes...we are getting older. :P

    1. Good Morning, Bead...Yeah, the jeweler will be the next stop, after we get our magnifying glass. It may say 'paste' on the side and save us some trouble!! LOL...On a serious note, I've been saying prayers for your friends. :-( We're all having struggles now, aren't we?!

  2. I am sorry to read that you are still awaiting on payment and money is tight etc. Its shame you have to sell your jewellry both are lovely. That ring indeed a taking point its so unusual, if the stones are not dimonds they may be cubic stones and the purple one a saphire hopefully. I think also that you should take them to a jewellry shop but make sure they don't charge you for looking ;-) Good luck and i hope it all sorts itself out soon, dee x

    1. Hi, Dee...Yeah, things are kinda 'touch and go' right now financially. In fact, we just got more bad news this afternoon. :-( But we're trying to take it in stride and just do what we need to do. I'm sure we'll be okay..By the way, thanks for the feedback on the jewelry. I'll keep what you said in mind...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  3. The jewelery is beautiful and I'm sorry you have to sell, but now is a good time for selling silver and gold. My Mom went to a party where they weigh your old jewelery and then give you money for it. Silver pieces like tea sets are valuable too if they are real sterling. Who knows, you could strike the mother load! Good luck. I'm getting older as we speak..just like your veggies!

    1. Awww, thanks, Yaya!...I'm sorry I have to think about selling it too, but truthfully it's just material. Our piece of mind and time together is much more valuable. :-)...I wish I had been at your mom's party too, with the gold weighing going on. I'd love to know what some of my stuff is worth weight-wise...Old Veggies. That's us! Ha! Ha!

  4. Wow you have some beautiful pieces of jewellery. That butterfly necklace is so pretty. Humdinger certainly describes that ring. It looks amazing! Not my cup of tea but it is so pretty.
    I was also thinking that taking it to a jewellers might be the next step. I hope that you do find your million dollar surprise piece in your collection :)

    1. I do have some pretty pieces, but I don't know how valuable they are. A lot of the jewelry I have was from friends and family. They all knew what a jewelry wearing nut I was...so when they were clearing out their wardrobes they'd ask me if I wanted their jewelry. I never said no! LOL And I'd wear something new out of it all almost every day...until recent years. I've had most of it for more than 20 years at least!...I think I'd tire a jeweler out trying to evaluate each piece. ^_^

  5. Deb,

    I was laid off once, and I was able to collect unemployment, so I know the checks will come for you.
    That ring is pretty, hope you can get good cash.

    Enjoy the sunny day!

    1. Hi Priscila, hanks for the encouragement. Yes, we're hoping they'll come eventually. In the meantime, we're just taking it as it comes. :-) ...By the way, you enjoy your sunny day too!


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