Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Loving It Right Now...Another Installment!

       It's Monday.....a......gain! :-)) But I'm not upset about that! In fact, I'm hoping 'this' Monday marks the beginning of a Wug's life on the upswing!....No worries though, I'm not holding my breath! ^_^ .....{an air-less 'blue' Wug would not be a pretty picture!}
       To start the week off 'on a good foot' though, I thought I'd do another installment of "Things I'm loving right now"!...And the easiest place to start was the beautiful recycled paper heart garland in the header photo! What a great idea that was...whoever started it!
          The possibilities for usage are endless!...Bridal showers, office parties, weddings, baby showers, 'Congratulations on your new job' gatherings,.....hmmmm....maybe we'll be able to use them for that too one day soon! ^_^ ....Nothing is 'on the work table' yet, but we're puttin' it out there just the same! LOL
         I'm also loving this 5 Carat diamond ring!...

        Why am I loving it?!....First, because it's stunningly beautiful!...Second, because it's so far out of my price range that I can just look at it and enjoy it. There's not a chance this side of Mars and Jupiter that I'd EVER be able to own it!! ^_^ ...And if I ever did...what? a girl can dream!...I'd have to sell it anyway!...because I'd never get a wink of sleep with that kind of 'ice' under my roof!! LOL
      And if I did go to sell it, and the guy from the gold and jewelry exchange...allegedly...tried to offer me $65.00 for it! ghetto background might flair back up and crowd out reason, and somebody might end up calling the police! Next thing you know I'd be  locked up in a back cell somewhere in Timbuktu, holding a ring dream, and wearing a striped dress with a bunch of numbers across it!! LOL...Nope!!!...I'm just gonna love looking at it...if you don't mind. ^_^

       These are also among the newest things I'm loving right now! :-) ...

      ...gray crochet flowers! :-) I made one large one, and two small ones...(I had to separate two strands of thin yarn away from a 4-ply thread to make the small ones!...EXASPERATING!!!...PHEW!!!!)...It was a lot of work for a custom order! But in the end...

        ...the headband came out great! :-) ...

       I sent her a picture of it to make sure it was what she wanted, and she loved it!! :-) ...

         In fact, she said it was better! :-) That makes me very happy!...Now I just have to finish the 'bone' colored one today, and list them for her to finish paying for them!
       I really like the three flowers on there, but doing it that way on a regular basis.....No!! That's waaaaay too much work for $15.00!!! ^_^ ...But I'm loving it right now...just the same! :-)

       The last thing I'm loving right now is something else crocheted! Some crocheted squares to be exact!...And for my new reminder of how much I love square making, I have to send a big "Whoop! Whoop!" to Jo-anne, of the blog Blooming Lovely. :-)) ...Thanks Jo!...She emailed me the patterns for some squares she's making. I wanted to see if I could figure out #3...the one that was giving her some trouble...Behold.....number 3!!...

        I had to work it...and then take it a loose...two times before I figured out that the pattern was actually starting with the center flower bud!...

      I couldn't figure out...for the life of me!...why the stitches kept rolling up! ^_^ And me...a flower making girl too!!! O_O

       But I did it!! ^_^ Now....on to number 6!!! :-) After my custom order is done, I mean.

        (I wanted to show you how pretty this square looks even from behind first though.)

      Does yours look like this, Jo?!! :-)

        Okay, that's enough for today. Off I go to do some hair-washing, some crocheting, some coffee-drinking, some eating, and some studying. I've got a full day ahead...Why do Mondays always start with life at a run?! ^_^ ...Have a good week, everybody!

All The Things I Love

If I listed all the things I've loved
I could rattle on forever!
Whether by 'order of importance'
or by a poetically quick endeavor.

Right now it's Tennis...Well, all sports,
and reading informative magazines.
And crocheting, food and music.
Well..that might be in my genes!

I've loved teaching and line dancing,
So many things in my short life.
But I've never jumped from a plane,
or whittled anything with a knife!

With every passing moon
I find some other thing that I love.
Whether grassy patterns on my lawn,
or phenomenal skies above.

Yes, if I listed all the things I loved
my words could fill all space,
It comes from curiosity,
and an Ooo-ing Awww-ing place!     


  1. Ooh the heart garland is so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me

    1. Thanks Bee!....I thought so too!...People are so crafty...and creative! :-)

  2. I really like the first picture. It's so creative, love it!

    Have a great day!

    1. I agree, Gina! I wish I had made those hearts myself! And I KNOW taking such a beautiful photo of them is out of my league! ^_^ Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Great things to love for sure!! I do love the three flowers on the headband. I can sure see why your customer loves it! The square yellow is pretty too! Unusual I think. But what do I know about crocheting! LOL

    Have a great rest of the day and evening!

    1. Thanks, Bead!:-] And if I'm being honest...I prefer the 3-flower headband to the one flower one now! But will I start making them like that for the same price?!...Not on your life! LOL If only people knew how much work went into one little headband!!...And I love the yellow square, but I'd have to make a whole lot of them to make it truly a blanket or something...Thanks for the nice comment, my friend. Have a good rest of the evening!

  4. My Monday was busy, too.
    That ring is stunning. And I adore the grey headband.
    Hope your week goes well.

    1. Hi Priscila! Yeah....Mondays are rolling true to form, right?! ^_^ Let's hope the rest of the week slows down a bit for you!

  5. I'm loving the things you love! That ring is enormous but oh so beautiful! Perhaps we may dream of pretty diamonds tonight :)
    The flowers on the headband look great! I can see why your customer likes it.

    Thanks so much for doing the squares with me. My square turned out like yours has but it doesn't look quite so pretty underneath :-/
    That 6th square is posing some problems for me. So much so that I have put the pattern in my basket and started a different project altogether lol. I may try again in a day or so.

    1. ^_^ I'm so glad you're loving the things I chose! You're right about the ring being so huge..but that's part of the reason I like it!Lots of light-catching sparkle! :-] Thanks for the feedback about the headband too. I wish people would make it financially worth my while to make them like that...but I put in about 8 or more hours of work into that headband, with the separating of the yarn thread and the tiny flowers with their separate backings, and then the sewing of the flowers in their exact spots! Phew!...I'm gonna give the number 6 square a go later on this evening. When I'm finished with it, I'll show it. :-) Don't give up on them. These do call for a bit of experience. You're doing great! :-)


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