Saturday, March 31, 2012

What An Entertaining Spring!

           We're getting closer to it, y'all!...I think! O_O Although the weather outside here in Holyoke feels much to the contrary! It's 37 degrees (Fahrenheit!), with green, pink and white clouds floating across the weather map. You know what that means!!!!...rain, more rain, and snow mixed with rain!....Aargh!!!
        And here I was, with my silly self, thinking we were almost about to enjoy an early Spring! ^_^ Oh well, if the weather can't entertain me...I'll find something that will! In fact, I did! :-)
       Yesterday I entertained myself making two new men's boutonnieres for a potential customer...

         They're both yellow and white, but not exactly the same. The one above is a little darker yellow, is 1/4 inch smaller, and has a larger button in the center than this one (below)...

       He wanted them to be like the red boutonniere in my Wuglyees shop, but white, with a yellow center. Look at the comparison photos below and tell me which one you think comes closer...

        I put a slightly smaller fastener button on the back of these too. "Thank you, former customer, for the tip!" :-)

       If this was the only entertainment I had yesterday, it would've been good, but nooooooo! I also had television...Tennis (Yes! LIVE tennis too!! ^_^), A 'great performance' of classical music on the public access channel, and then a show we caught by accident while channel surfing.......and the funniest thing I've seen on t.v. in a while...a show called "Duck Dynasty"!
      Apparently it's a family of 'back woods' people (they call themselves 'Rednecks') who have made a million dollar business out of making homemade duck calls for hunting. And apparently duck hunting is not their only pastime. They love catfish and bullfrog catching too!..Living off the land, as the grandfather said.
      The funny part was not that! The funny part was the situations they got into while just being themselves...In long scraggly beards and camouflage-type outfits, going to one of the grandkid's school to talk about 'Career Day', O_O...and getting arrested at night while in a golf club's pond, stealing their bullfrogs!
       Between the grandmother doing a video on how to cook bullfrogs and squirrel brains, and them building their own homemade conveyor belt, and then a duck pond in the loading dock of their business...I couldn't turn away!! ^_^ What does that say about me?!!!......I know. It says I need to wash my eyeballs and then find something else to entertain myself with!...WOW!...and I thought I was 'country'!
        Well, it gave hubby and I a night of laughter! And for  that...I'm thankful. Even though it was the kind of laughter toddlers do when they don't know what they're laughing at, but they just know it's FUN-NY!!! LOL

        Very soon, apparently, I'm gonna be entertaining myself with something else! I just read this in my blogger dashboard area: "Blogger is getting a new look in April."O_O What does that mean?!...Am I gonna have to redo my whole layout and everything?!....Aargh!! I just got the backyard looking the way I like it! :-/ I REALLY hate change!!!!
          Whatever!!...Today is the last day to enter the Turquoise Clock Button Brooch Giveaway (see the right hand sidebar for the link to the Giveaway rules this time.)
       Have a good Spring weekend....or whatever season you're enjoying right now! :-)

Entertain Me?

This is a time of 'Reality ' shows,
of T.V. and music, and internet 'chat',
of slogans, commercials and F.Y.I.,
of news and politics and stuff like that.

There are 'Self-Help' shows, like 'Dr. Phil',
and 'Trading Spaces' (Where you don't  have to pay);
There are 'Wake-Up' shows, like 'Good Morning America',
'The View' and 'Today'.

There are game shows, like 'Pyramid',
'Millionaire', and 'The Price is Right',
'The Family Feud', 'Win, Lose or Draw';
You could play from morning til night!

There are shows that are made, half for fun,
and half to look at your life,
like 'Oprah', 'Regis and Kelly',
and 'Judge Hatchett' (the judge who's  a wife).

There are shows that make you laugh;
and others that make you say "Yay!"
Those like 'Frasier', and 'Ed', and ;Friends',
and 'Who's Line is it Anyway?'

Then there's  'E.R.' and 'Survivor',
'Jeopardy' and 'The Weakest Link';
Why are we so fascinated?
('cause when watching, we don't  have to think).

There are some from which you learn
how the world is starting to flow,
like 'Boston Public' and 'Seinfeld',
and, of course, 'The Antiques Roadshow'.

So, with so many things to watch,
(not to mention-to listen to)
We need to 'Buy Out' our time well,
'cause there's  so, so much else to do!


  1. Hi, nothing will change to your actual blog just the dashboard which takes a bit of getting used to but it does show up the blogs you follow posts clearer to read. I love the yellow and white boutonnieres they remind me of the pretty little pansys. Sorry i haven't stopped by this week i haven't had chance to read any posts from everyone its been manic. Thank you for the lovely comments i am very excited ;-) enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

    1. Great!!!!! ^_^ Thanks for letting me know, Dee! I was doing some fretting about that!...And thank you for the feedback about my boutonnieres too! So far, I still have them. The customer hasn't responded back since I finished them. He may be away for the weekend or something. Hopefully I'll hear something soon...Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dee! :-)


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