Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oooooo! I Have So Much To Tell You!

       If you had been a fly on the wall at our house last night you would be smiling as much as I am today, I'm sure! :-) And not because of where we went for our usual 'virtual Friday date night' either!
      For those of you who are new to my blog, my hubby and I, for years, have kept Friday nights as a 'Date Night'. A night that we either went out on the town, took a little trip or a little ride somewhere, or, if we were home,  just took the phone off the hook...But because of my health in recent years, our Friday night 'dates' have been 'virtual' dates.
       We choose a state, a city, an event, or a country, and immerse ourselves in it for the night. We listen to its local music; eat something from, or similar to its food; and GO THERE 'virtually'!...Oh! The fun we've had!! ^_^
       And last night was no exception, even though we didn't "GO" anywhere!...With hubby outta work right now, and us having to keep our 'pennies' pinched a bit until we see what our next move will be, we decided to keep our 'Date Night' close to home.
      We had planned to 'virtually' go to Oregon for the night. Oregon is in the U.S. We didn't think there would be that big of a change in what we would have been eating, so we didn't wanna waste money ordering food out...I mean, we already had food! LOL
       All we had to do was find a movie to watch, or some music to listen to!....Well, we went online to look around...and BING! know that sound that your email makes when you're getting a message?...The sound that we usually ignore on our 'Date Nights'?! Well, that's what we heard...But since we weren't 'into' anything yet, we checked it.
      Hmmmmm....Kevin Costner is following me on Twitter...

                Now, I love Kevin Costner! In fact, I just recently did a blog post about an unplanned date day hubby and I had, due to that bad storm we had, where we watched Message in a Bottle' with Kevin Costner in it!...But when we saw this email, hubby and I just laughed, because I've gotten all kinds of so-called celebrities following me on Twitter over the last few years! Only twice were they legitimate celebrity types...neither of which were the kind of people I would want following me in the first place! (The details of that are a story for another day...or maybe not even worth the written words! LOL)
     Anyway!....Usually these so-called celebrities that follow me on Twitter are people who are fake counterparts to real celebrities, or people using the celebrity's name to get attention...So I went over to Twitter to see what kind of nut is 'BINGING' my account this time!...UGH!....And, frankly, to delete them off of it!!!
     But lo and's legitimate!!!!!! :-) It's an approved account, and it's kevin Costner and his new group Modern West!!...

        I saw Kevin Costner and Modern West perform for the first time on the Grand Ole Opry recently, and I was impressed! He seemed so natural at it. And he sounded pretty good too!...although I could tell he was nervous. But who wouldn't be?! There's only a handful of celebrities that have made the jump from the big screen to the stage successfully. But oh yeah! They've tried! {Bruce Willis, Will Smith, David Hasselhoff,......O_O...Okay, I'm gonna stop there!}
       Now, the truth is, until my email BING! I hadn't really taken the time to listen to any other songs of Kevin Costner's group...except for a performance they did on some talk show or something a while back...even though I had liked what I heard. 
      So, hubby and I, true music aficionados...sorta, kinda ^_^...and real country music lovers FOR REAL!...decided that we would do that for our date...listen to Kevin Costner and Modern West songs and see how much we really liked them, I mean!....And we did!!! :-) In fact we were still playing our favorites this morning!! :-)
       Have you heard them?!....Well, here's hubby and my favorites!...

        If you listened to those and liked them as much as we did, you might also like these two... >HERE< ....and... >HERE<. The whole slew of them are on our playlist now! :-) ... So, thanks Mr. Kevin Costner...and you too Modern West...for hitting up my email!! ^_^ ...Now, if I could only get him to wear one of my crocheted boutonnieres on the red carpet one of these times!!! LOL

         Speaking of boutonnieres, remember my recent sale of my red boutonniere?!...Well, guess what?!...The customer sent me a picture!!....

       Look how great it looks next to that tweed!! :-) ... How cool is that?!!!!...And the customer gave me some great advice about the back button too! He said he was 100% pleased with it, but suggested that I attach a little smaller back button on future ones. He said just a little bit smaller and the button would have gone through the lapel buttonhole perfectly!...I am so thankful for constructive and useful feedback....Now I know!!! :-) Future boutonnieres will get the benefit of his great suggestion.

       Last, but not least, another one of my boutonnieres....the brown tan one...

     ...was included in Inbar Shahak's new treasury...

("Honey Amber" treasury)

        In fact, my header photo...the fly on the wall poster... was from this treasury also! :-) And since I've already talked your head off enough, I won't get all into every item from it. But if YOU want to, you can go HERE and check out each one!
       Okay..I'm out! ^_^ Have a good day Everybody!! 

 A Music Note

A little 'boogie-woogie' bouncing,
and a tapping toe or two,
and my mood is quickly lifting,
and I want to dance with you.

A little harmony and humming,
and some soul and country too,
and I'm feeling pretty chipper.
So "Let's dance!" My poem is through!


  1. Wow!! Being followed by Kevin Kostner - I would have been skeptical as well! How fun, fun, fun!! I didn't even know he was singing - I'll have to listen to the songs you have shared with us! And I just love the date nights you and your hubby have - it sounds so romantic and sweet! Who picks the places? Do you take turns?

    And your boutonniere (I always have to look up the spelling of that word...) looks so handsome on the tweed jacket!! I love how well you are doing with your shop!!!

    Hugs, Silke

    1. Hi Silke!...Fun is the exact right word!! ^_^ I'm not so big-headed as to think he really has a clue who I am, but if I was on his potential promoter worked!! LOL....And as to our date nights, we both take turns picking. Usually it's hubby though. He's the travel-minded one in our house. If it was left up to me...even before my health issues...we would be having every Friday night sitting in our PJs watching a movie, playing Scrabble, or dancing in the middle of the floor! LOL I'm a home-body from waaaaay back...but with an adventurous, curious spirit! :-) ... And I agree about the boutonniere on the tweed jacket!! I may have to take some new photos on tweed now!...Thanks for all of the support you've given me for my shop too, Silke. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I love all of your goodies you make. I am having a giveaway over on my blog come see come see.

    1. Aww! Thank you so much!...I'm stop by and check out the giveaway too! :-)

  3. I love the idea of a virtual date night!!
    Might have to talk to hubby and try it out ourselves!!

    1. Yes, do!! It's a wonderful thing. We've been doing it for years now...Let me know how it works out for you! :-)

  4. This is so cool!! I'm happy for you! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    That boutonniere looks great too! It was nice of your customer to send a photo.
    Congrats on the treasury! It's a beauty! I was thinking of using that in one of mine too! LOL

    1. So cool...right?!! :-) I couldn't help but share it!...And thanks for the encouragement about the boutonnieres also. Now they just need to start going out of the shop!! LOL

  5. Wow who would have thought that Kevin Costner could sing?! Those songs were really, really good! Thanks for sharing the videos :)

    1. I know, Jo!!! :-) And I agree...he's really good!...I was happy to share them! ^_^

  6. Kevin following you no wonder your chuffed i would be to ;-) Im not on twitter it doesn't real appeal to me but i can understand why people use it, it can be a useful media tool. I don't have any sound on my current laptop but i bet he sounds good. Enjoy what is left of your weekend, dee x

    1. ^_^ I'm not sure what 'chuffed' means. Does it mean 'excited'? If so....YES I AM!!! ^_^ By the way, Twitter is an excellent way to get a wider audience for what you see, and can be a great media tool for promotion. But it's not like it used to be when I started on there. It's not my favorite media form now...Blogging and Facebook are the best for me now...If you get an opportunity offline to listen to Kevin and Modern West, do yourself a favor and take a listen. They're actually good! :-] And YOU enjoy the rest of your weekend too, Dee!

    2. Yes chuffed means Excited or really pleased ;-)) dee x

    3. Okay....I thought so. Thanks for clearing it up for me. ^_^


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