Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If You Ask Me......

         "If you ask me how I'm doing, I would say I'm doing just fine. I would lie and say that you're not on my mind. But I go out, and I sit down at a table set for two, and finally I'm forced to face the matter what I say, I'm not over you..." :-/
      If you're a music lover like me, you probably already know that those are the lyrics to Gavin DeGraw's song "Not Over You"...

       But the reason the song popped into my head first thing this morning had nothing to do with a relationship that went bad. In fact, my relationship with hubby...except for his occasional bad attempt at cooking going great! ^_^ In fact, we've got our 30th wedding anniversary coming up this summer! :-) ...We're still not sure what we're doing! O_O...Anyway!...
     But there is a relationship that I can't seem to get's my relationship with this pesky cold...bug...flu...virus...thing! Just like the lyrics to Gavin's song, if you ask me how I'm doing I'd say I'm doing just fine...especially when I'm sitting somewhere minding my own business, not talking! That thing isn't even on my mind at those times!
     But if I go to try and exert myself to do something, or to answer the phone and talk to somebody, I'm forced to face the truth....I'm not over it yet! UGH!...I'm still working on it though. And hey!...the fever's gone! So I know it's heading in the right direction! 
     While it's taking it's time moseying on outta here though, I've got the pretty pussy willows that my friends gave us yesterday! :-) ...

       Hubby put some of them in my cobalt blue vase, with the oriental scene on the side of pretty!...and sat it in the all of that gorgeous eighty-something weather we had yesterday!...and took a picture so I could show you! :-)
     I kinda wish he had took a close up of them too, but that's alright...Wikipedia had a close up of some...

      They just look like Spring, don't they?!.....And officially, as of yesterday, that's the season we're in good! :-) ...If you ask me, I think we've been into Spring for months now here in the northeast...This has been some crazy weather!! O_O
     Now all I have to do is wait for these pesky coughing spells to stop...and to get past the sneezing and wheezing of the first blooms of Spring...and start seeing some ripened tomatoes in the grocery store or at the farmer's markets....

           (Polka Dot Tomato Pincushion by SeaPinks)

        ...and I'll officially believe it...just in time for summer, no doubt!! LOL...But if worse comes to worse, and there's some upcoming weather anomaly that postpones or delays any of this....thanks to Framed Cooks blog, I'll still have baby butterfingers! ^_^ Butterfingers that I can eat alone...

      ...or have made up into some butterfinger and chocolate truffles y'all!!! :-) Check her blog >HERE< to see what I mean, and get the recipe!

        So, like the fish in my header photo today, if you ask me...I'm doing just fine, but I'm not completely out of the weeds yet! :-)) I suspect it won't be much longer...Scratch that!...I HOPE it won't be much longer. :-/ I've heard a few people are getting hit with 2nd and 3rd rounds of this thing!..."Listen here Mr. bug, flu, or whatever you better not even THINK about it!!!" Grrrr!...Maybe that'll sufficiently scare it off!.....*looking left and right* :-]
     By the way, I got the new Giveaway up finally! Click the right-hand sidebar photo of the turquoise brooch. There's new rules posted for entry this time too!...I'll be waiting! :-) Have a good rest of the day, everybody! If you ask me, it looks like it's gonna be a good one!...It's Spring!

Spring Is The Rain

Spring is the rain,
when the flowers grow again,
and new life is let remain.
After months of drench and drain,
you now see roses down the lane.

Spring is the rain,
and the budding of the grain,
and birds, out your window pane.
When the weather makes you sane,
and its no longer on your brain,
'cause there's no cold to give you pain.

Spring is the rain-
the time for traveling on the train,
for watching trees, not weather vanes,
and raking leaves-Autumn's disdain.
You lift your head, just like a crane,
and now your thought's no longer vain.
You think of seasons that were plain,
but now its blooming, down on Main,
because spring is the rain.      


  1. Love your spring post, hope you feel better soon sweetie, I hate it when a cold lingers, sending get well hugs

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. Thanks Bee. :-) I'm doing the best I can with this "thing"! LOL And I'm collecting, thanks! ^_^ Have a good day!

    2. Such pretty selections, I'm flattered that you featured my tomato! Thank you so much :)

    3. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the selections...And it was my pleasure t o share your cute tomato pincushion! :-]

  2. I sooooo love that song! Maybe your cold thing is a heavy dose of hay fever. Try Aerius tablets. When my hayfever is really bad the tablets take about a day to kick in, but then the symptoms are gone. Hope it works for you! xx

    1. WOW! Wendy, you managed to mention something to use for hay fever that I've never heard of before...Aerius tablets! I'll have to look into them. And, by the way, I've been suspecting the same thing about this cold...flu...or whatever it is! Thanks for the suggestion! :-]

  3. I'm sorry you're still under the weather! Get better!!! I miss the old Wug!!

    1. I'm getting there though, Bead....getting there! :-]

    2. Well I think you need a bit of cheering up. Watch your mail!! Tee Hee!!

    3. Watch my mail?!...O_O Ooooo! I love mail!! ^_^

  4. I am sorry to read your still not feeling great sometimes you just can't rush things. Take it easy and hopefully you will feel better real soon. Those apple pin cushions are cute. take care, dee x

    1. I hope I'm not sounding too 'down in the mouth' because I' actually fever free now and on the way upward...I think! ^_^ I think it's just taking more time than I thought. I'll try to be more 'chipper' my 'pre-raspy, pre-coughy' self! LOL

  5. Love your poem! Spring is my favourite season :) it's autumn here though and the weather is just beautiful at the moment. I hope you get so spend some time in the sunshine & that it helps you feel a little better.

    1. I'm so glad you like my Spring poem! :-) Too bad it's getting to you when you're not in Spring! LOL Oh Well...Happy Autumn! :-]

  6. I hope you feel better soon! I have a little bit of a sniffle at the moment. Hopefully it wont develop into a cold! EEK!

    1. Thank you!...Actually, even though it's taking its own sweet time, I am getting better little bit by little bit every day!...Quick! Cut yours off at the pass!!! LOL


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